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September 21, 2012

by Irma Schwantes
We are just a few days from the first day of Fall. Can that be?? It has been too hot all summer to enjoy the out doors, and Autumn is usually my most favorite time of the year, especially if it goes on into December before allowing Winter to come in .. And then we do like an early and lite spring.

Ya I know, we don't and cannot manage our weather patterns as well as the MAN upstairs does and always has. God has His own time line and it is nothing like ours. Our day can be a Thousand years in God's time.

And I was hoping it would be the end of daylight savings time too, but on checking on the calendar I see that does not appear until November 4th. Don't they realize that it stays dark until almost 7 a.m., and then evening arrives about 7 p.m. too., and I never did like the changing of times. Why can't they just set an alarm clock for their early golf games or make a long evening of it in the afternoon? I know that a great many elderly ladies would agree with me on that. Well I guess we just don't have a thing to say about it, so we may as well sleep in until about 7:30 a.m. and go to bed at 8 p.m., let them play their golf, they're only young once.

My daughter Roxy doesn't want Fall to come so soon as the summer was not friendly to gardening early and now the Fall is coming too soon to end gardening already. I suppose there are other gardeners who have similar feelings.

We do look with great anticipation to the Fall foliage. But there too we have heard announcements about the hot weather and lack of rains during Summer, may cause leaves to simply curl up and blow away this Fall. They have announced that a few have appeared in the Northern section of the state as they did have more rainfalls and storms than our area did.

I do remember when we were kids there was not this daylight savings time. I do not recall when that first became a rule but I know we often had time to sneak a piece of chalk from the class room chalkboard, or as we called them in our day "the blackboard", so we could play a game or two of Hop Scotch before or after school hours, and still make it home in plenty of time for supper.

I recall plainly how we drew the Hop Scotch on the cement sidewalk, but I have a difficult time remembering the rules of the game, perhaps some of the other elder widows around the area could send me those directions to refresh my memory???

Then too when our mother went to work to help out during those depression days, Anita and I had to come right home after school to get supper started before our parents came home. The boys had their allotted chores to do too. They carried in wood for the Kitchen range, some times needed to chop it first. It was stacked into a large woodbox next to the range so there would be enough for the next morning too.

Supper time was always Family time, everybody sat down together at the same time, bowed our heads and said our prayers before and after meals. This was the expected routine at every meal in our house, whether it was breakfast, dinner, or supper. We kids carried our syrup pails with our sandwiches and whatever we had for our school lunches. These usually consisted of bread our Ma baked on Saturdays, and maybe a cookie or two if there were any.

It does seem hard to realize that we are just three months from Christmas! Refrains from an old favorite song drift across the shades of memory lane---. "Leaves of brown come tumbling down, in September, in the Rain". It must have been more rainy in the days gone by and we will take all we can get to make up for the drought of these past few months.

We congratulate grandson Phillip and his bride, Kelsey, on their wedding on September 15th-- May God Bless them with a long and happy life as they begin this wonderful journey.

And in memory of my late husband Frank on the Date of his birthday, September 21, sadly he had only 68. God bless the memories.

This week we leave you with this favorite Bible verse:1 Corinthians 13 v 13------And now these three remain, faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is LOVE .

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