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September 26, 2012

by Jerry Johnson
This past Saturday was the opener for duck season and it was a good one. There were plenty of ducks this year. We hunted on Badger Lake again this year. The water level was down as low as I have seen it as with any lake, marsh or creek in the region. The increase in ducks this year could be from concentration because of the drought or there might just be more ducks. The goose population is down water or not. We did pretty good, although great care was taken to not go over the bag limit. It's kinda easy to just point your coffee cup at a passing duck, without spilling and mentally scoring a hit, sometimes doubles. But yes we do bring ducks home just not as many.

The frost was light if at all last Saturday night. With the great fall weather the crops are disappearing at a steady rate and the ten day forecast looks great. The crop prices are unbelievable but so are the land prices with some going for over $11,000. The 2008 farm bill is due to end with this month, September 30. There are a lot of programs tied to the Farm Bill that hang on the actions of congress. It looks like it will be drug out to the bitter end or longer.

Forty one days until the election. October will be a busy month. Brace yourself.

* * *

When Little Ole was three, his Grandma’s sister came to visit. Little Ole had never seen a great aunt before, and he kept looking from one woman to the other. Finally, he said, “Grandma, you and this lady look like both of you.”

* * *

Have a good week.

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