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Raiders salute to Patriots 16-54

October 4, 2012

Friday evening
Raiders won the coin toss and deferred the ball to the Patriots, so the Raiders kicked off. Raiders were holding their own but HBC got away with a 5 yard touchdown at 3:58. Somehow the Patriots snuck by the Raiders in the very begging of the second quarter with another touchdown and two point conversion. Nathan Getting returned the kick to the 39 yard line.

John Getting made a nice play to gain a first down to keep the Raider ball rolling down the green field. Zach Holt connected with Todd Peterson for a nice gain of 20 yards.

John Getting got the next pass and made 21 yards tip toeing pass multiple tacklers. At 7:14 Zach Holt scored the first Raider touchdown. Trevor Rusech gained the two points afterwards. Raiders held the Patriots at the one yard line but HBC scored at 4:27. The two point conversion was good also. Trevor Rusech finding all the open holes ran the kick 84 long yards back to the house for 6.

Zach Holt gained the two point conversion. Raiders defense put up a fight every play but the Patriots gained a 1 yard touchdown along with the two point conversion with 55 seconds left on the board.

To get things rolling again, Zach Holt had a nice return. Patriots returned a punt for 80 yards to show the Raiders that they came to play and that they could run back a touchdown too. The 2 point conversion was good. Zach Holt returned the ball for 35 yards. Once again Raiders were soon put back on defense.

At 2:28 HBC gained another touchdown and two point conversion. Beginning the fourth quarter Patriots fought for another 8 points to put up on the board. Zach Holt returned the ball to the Raiders 46 yard line. Raiders had some nice plays but it was too late. Rushing: Zach Holt 12/36 yards; Todd Peterson 3/6 yards; and Trevor Rusech 4/3.5 yards. Passing Todd Peterson 10/19 for 76 yards.

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