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Boys Cross Country runs a little extra

October 4, 2012

By: Sean Solheim
This last week, the Rebels Cross Country team traveled to Canby to compete in the Canby Invitational. For the Junior High races and the girls varsity race, everything went smoothly, but for the boys varsity race, a wrong turn near the top of the pack forced a number of runners to run extra, and in the times it definitely shows.

The Junior High races started off the meet and in the boys race, Brenden Tjeerdsma was the lone Rebel. In his fourth race of the season, Tjeerdsma continued to show signs of improvment. During the race, he ran with a few different runners and in the end, finished really close with the runners he ran with. Alyssa Smith of Marshall edged out Tjeerdsma by a couple seconds, but Riley Johnston of Benson-KMS couldn’t get by him as Tjeerdsma finished with a time of 8:11.

The Varsity girls followed the boys Junior High race and the Rebels brought four runners up to Canby. Since the Rebels had four runners, they were considered an incomplete team and couldn’t get any points. The teams that the Rebels started the race against was Marshall, CML, Benson-KMS, Maccray/RCW, Ortonville, Yellow Medicine East, and Willmar Community Charter. The race started with Marshall’s Nichole Sample and CML’s Leah Jessen off in the lead. For the Rebels, Sophomore Sariah Cheadle led the team as she kept pace with CML’s Heidi Pavek. Cheadle was able to stay with her until the final stretch when Pavek opened up the gap and took the 12th overall place by six seconds. Cheadle came in 13th place with a time of 17:24. Melissa Gehl was the next seen runner on the Rebels team and she wasn’t too far behind Cheadle. Gehl and Benson-KMS’s Jessica Goff were running neck and neck until they sprinted for the finish. Each race, Gehl usually has enough energy to do a full out sprint, but Goff just had a little extra as Gehl finished in 16th place with a time of 17:39. Maddie Dibble had a great race herself and had a great finish. Coming down the final 100 meters, Dibble and Ortonville’s Kirsten Erickson were next to each other and it appeared as though either runner could have taken the placing ahead of the other. At the finish line, Dibble lost a little ground and just got edged out as she placd 24th overall and had a time of 18:34. Lizzette Garza was the final Rebel runner on the girls side and she came in the finish with some room to spare. Garza coasted into the finish in 28th place and was clocked at 18:49.

For the runners in the boys varsity race, there was a lot of confusion. The top three runners were far enough ahead that Wade DeAustin of Marshall didn’t know where to turn later in the race. His choice to take a right turn forced the rest of the runners to run an extra mile, which showed in the final times. Andrew Bell of Marshall finished in third place and was the last runner before the cut off. His time was 16:43, and as for DeAustin, he finished fourth overall and his time was 20:50, a 4:07 difference between one place. Andy Garza was the first Rebel to cross the finish line and with the extra mile, his time was still good. He was able to finish ninth, just one second behind Wyatt Johansen of CML, and he was able to clock in a 21:35. Aaron Boock came in later in 18th place. Even though he finished with a time of 22:36, his mile pace time was clocked at 7:18. Jack Erickson was the only runner was the only runner out of the 56 that competed in the race to finish just as the minute turned. Erickson coasted across the finish line in 22nd place and his time was 23:00 flat. Chris Ellens made his appearance down the final stretch a little while later as he dashed into 33rd place. He was clocked at 23:51 in the extended race. Nathan Beech and Markus Drealan were just a couple ticks off from each other. Beech placed 37th overall with a time of 24:03 while Drealan placed 39th and had a time of 24:07. Jacob Boerboom came in 44th place with a time of 24:34 while Andrew Appel and Kole Kramer finished neck and neck in 48th and 49th place. Michael VanderWal rounded out the Rebel field as he finished 54th and had a time of 26:30.

As a team, the Rebels were able to place fourth, even with the extra time. Marshall won the event as they had 39 total points.

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