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Altman retires as route driver for Brewster Post Office

October 4, 2012

Steve Altman 
 Fulda Free Press Carol Schreiber
Fulda Free Press Carol Schreiber
Steve Altman
by Carol Schreiber
After 15 years, Steve Altman is retiring from the Brewster Post Office. A retirement party was held on Friday morning at the Post Office to recognize him for his years of service.

Altman was presented with two awards, an Exceptional Driving Award and Recognition for 15 years of Safe Driving. “I’m not sure how many I’ve driven,” he said of delivering mail to the route addresses north of Brewster. “It’s 140 miles each day now,” he added.

A few years ago, the post office routes were re-aligned. At that time, Altman’s route was increased from 98 miles each day to 140 miles.

He is not done driving, though, as he has plans to travel in a few weeks. “I haven’t been to the two Carolinas,” he said of his travels throughout the lower 48 United States. He has visited 46 of the 48 already.

“I’ve been out west and out east, from Maine and Florida.” Altman had planned on visiting the Carolinas on another trip, but was called back early.

A retirement party with family members is scheduled before Altman hits the road. There are a few ‘house projects’ in his future plans, too, but he plans to visit North and South Carolina first.

His tours of the lower 48 states have always been by vehicle. “I don’t want to fly, you can’t see anything that way,” he said with a smile. By getting in the car and going, Altman has been able to see many sites throughout the United States. Having visited several national parks, he pointed out there are many more to see.

Driving is one of Altman’s enjoyment, as he will get in the car on his days off and take a drive. It’s not unusual for him to drive as many miles on his days off as he would have done working. “I may go up to Mankato for lunch,” he said. “And then decide not eat until I get to Spencer.”

Altman pointed out that he “won’t miss the snow,” and there are a few roads that have been flooded as well, which he won’t miss driving through. “I will miss the wildlife there, though,” he said. “Maybe I’ll just drive up there and see that.” And he is likely to do just that, enjoying his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service.

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