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November 3, 2012

by Shar Rindfleisch
Happy Birthday to David Knudson and Gary Kuehl on the 1st, Brian VanderBeek on the 3rd, Evan and Alese Paplow on the 4th, and Sharon Ellens on the 6th!

Happy Anniversary to Arnie and Betty Rindfleisch on the 6th! Happy 30th Anniversary to Glenn and Sheila Crowley on the 6th!

Remember to Vote! Every vote counts!

The Dundee City Council will have their monthly meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.

The First Lutheran Church in Dundee has Sunday worship services at 8:30 am.

There will be worship services at the Dundee First Lutheran Church on Sunday evening, November 18th, with a free turkey dinner to follow. Everyone is welcome.

The Dundee Steakhouse is open on Saturday at Noon, and Sunday - Friday it opens at 2:00 pm.

Mykil Vonk and Matt Soto were supper guests at the Randy and Shar Rindfleisch home on Monday evening.

Aaron Tiesler, Mic Holinka, Mankato, Maddie Rasche, Worthington, Katie Grandstra, Heron Lake, Sheila Crowley and Kaleen Christians, Fulda, and Randy and Shar Rindfleisch attended the SWU football game in St. Clair on Wednesday evening.

Erik and Justin Jass and Randy and Shar Rindfleisch attended the SWU volleyball game in Luverne on Friday evening.

Betty Norton was a dinner guest on Saturday at the Merton and Joyce Peter home in Heron Lake.

Saturday afternoon, Betty Norton attended the 80th Birthday party for Mage Finnegan in Heron Lake.

Betty Norton attended the pancake fundraiser for Greg, Megan and Emory Porth in Heron Lake on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, Betty Norton attended the baby shower for Sophia Wrenn at the First Lutheran Church in Dundee.

Doug Engler, Fridley, visited at the Les and Janet Engler home on Friday evening.

Doug Engler was a coffee guest at the Les and Janet Engler home on Saturday morning.

Elsie Gustafson attended the baby shower for Sophia Wrenn on Sunday afternoon.

Meriam Henkel and Randy Hiben, Crystal, were weekend guests at the Clara Henkels home.

Fritz and Sally Heger, Fulda, Laurene Henkels, Heron Lake, and Marian Freking, Lake Crystal, were dinner guests on Sunday at the Loren and Lana Heger home.

Tom and Deb Wolff attended the Porth benefit in Heron Lake on Sunday.

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