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Local veterans honored at Fulda program

November 17, 2012

Members of Fulda Color Guard  
 Fulda Free Press Jerry Johnson
Fulda Free Press Jerry Johnson
Members of Fulda Color Guard
By Norma Dittman
Local veterans were honored at a Veteran’s Days Program hosted by the Fulda FCCLA and held at Fulda High School at 10 a.m. on Monday morning.

The program began with a welcome presented by FCCLA members Ryan Schumacher and Kenny Magnussen.

Participating in the posting of colors were members of the Dundee Legion and Auxiliary Post #386, the American Legion Post and Auxiliary #318, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary #9017.

Our National Anthem was played by the Fulda High School Band under the direction of Mike Peterson.

Members of the Fulda Area Girl’s Scouts led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was followed with an invocation by the American Legion Post #18 chaplain, Wally Johlfs.

Third through sixth grade students from the Fulda Elementary School sang the song American Tears which was followed by a reading entitled A Soldier Known But to God by Kole Kramer.

A Power Point presentation accompanied the Fulda Elementary School students in grades kindergarten through second grade as they sang the song Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s from all wars, beginning with World War II to the present, were asked to step up to a microphone to introduce themselves and state which branch of service they were a member of and when and where they served. They were presented with a small American flag and a construction paper soldier that had been designed for them by elementary students.

Fulda’s High School Band performed I Am an American and the Fulda High School Band played Armed Forces - The Pride of America!

A recorded recitation by John Wayne that talks about the history of the song Taps was played for the audience to listen to. Following the recitation, Taps was played by Carmen Olsem.

The Fulda FCCLA Chapter hopes that all of the Fulda High School students, as well as the students at Fulda Elementary School, will take time to say “Thank You” to a veteran for their service. Saying thank you is a small part of being a good citizen.

The cost of all supplies and hosting the 2012 Veteran’s Day Program was offset by funds received through the Character Development Grant from Nobles Cooperative Electric Operation Roundup Program.

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