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National Family Month

November 29, 2012

by Wilma Lindquist
The Fulda Reading Club has recognized the importance of the family during National Family Month with the theme of Time which is the gift to give someone who has everything - or very little.

Time of Your Life

Wilma Lindquist

“This Is Your Life” was a television show hosted by Ralph Edwards several years ago and enjoyed by many people. A chosen persons life was recognized and honored by other guests who had come in contact with them and were present. Most of the shows were joyful reunions.

Suppose you were chosen to be the recipient of a review of your life? Retirement parties frequently engage in “This Is Your LIfe” tactics. Would you wish to open the book of your life? What might be revealed? The most obvious things would be your family, education, talents, vocation, awards, organizational memberships, etc. The things that probably wouldn’t come to light would be your moments of anger, sadness, disappointments or anxiety.

Parents often wonder about their child's future. If there is a physical handicap, the concern is likely more intense. What will happen when I am no longer able to protect and aid?

A baby is born and we reach for the little hand as he clasps our finger, a child is told to hold on to our hand as we cross the street, young lovers hold hands to deliver their feelings for each other, a drowning person reaches for an extended hand and a greeting of a handshake to show friendship reveal several messages that the hand delivers during a lifetime.

People have always been curious about the future and fortunetellers have used the ancient practice of reading the lines of a man’s palm for a line of life, fate, fortune, etc.

Hold out your hands in front of you. Observe the tiny blotches, the wrinkles, the special markings of your palm. From these hands your body presents an individual’s identity. Allow the mystery of your hands to remind you of your uniqueness.

The story is told of a master pottery maker in Peru. Having heard of the distinct quality of his works, people from all over the world traveled to outskirts of Lima in search of his unpretentious shop. It was an uncovered, cluttered workspace exposed to the intense rays of the South American sun. As a result of forty years of continuous labor, the potter’s sunbaked skin resembled the dark reddish brown clay he shaped into beautiful pots and bowls.

What distinguished the artisan’s pottery was a small indentation that every piece boasted. The notchlike feature at first glance might be considered a flaw. But it was not. It was the result of a clawlike digit on the potter’s right hand. He was born with it instead of a thumb. The shrivaled stub and its permanent sharp fingernail imprinted the clay as it was fashioned in its final form. What had been a source of endless humiliation as a child had become the signature of success.

Look at your hands once more. The master potter designed them and he numbered our days. Making us age in His way to show us that we don’t have Time to waste.

Waste Not A Single Hour

Clay Harrison

Yesterday is a reminder

of days both good and bad,

The trials that taught us lessons

and good times we have had.

The future still is waiting

as a dream awaits the night

To become a reality

before the morning light.

The past may bring us memories

to treasure through the years,

And the future keeps the dream alive

despite our doubts and fears.

But, oh, my friend, we have today

to live, and laugh and cry...

A day our Lord has given

that soon will pass us by.

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