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December 6, 2012

byJerry Johnson
Twenty days until Christmas. Less than three weeks. The weather hasn't helped us get in the swing, the mood or the spirit of the season. What we miss most is the complaining about the snow, cold and ice. The lakes are barely covered with ice. The weather is not cooperating. In what was a normal year we could boast of a foot of snow and maybe at least one good blizzard. Living, working playing in the snow gives a badge of honor, a common enemy a reason to band together against the elements. What fun can it be to be a snowbird when there is little difference in the weather. It's like skipping school and finding out that the rest of class went to the zoo and had a picnic. You could always count on a white Christmas, sur we have had some without snow, but only a few. The last few years we have had little snow and this year looks like there will be less. Snow in the winter involves our time moving it, playing in it, planning around it and talking about it. It is part of our economy and part of our life. Let it snow.

My Christmas shopping has not started yet and I have no plan so far. Next week will be soon enough to fill my list. I enjoy the person who has planed for months, working hard to come up with perfect gift. You don't need to go to Jarred's when you have Probst Jewelry to fill your dreams.

* * *

Have a joyful Christmas season.

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Have a good week.

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