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Christmas Greeting features story about Fulda

By: Norma Dittman, staff writer

December 25, 2012

Frederick Langgüt with Virginia Anderson on his first visit to Fulda, MN 
 Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo
Frederick Langgüt with Virginia Anderson on his first visit to Fulda, MN
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A Christmas greeting card from Germany arrived in Virginia and Howard Anderson’s mailbox recently. The card shows Saint Nicholas sliding down the roof of a house as the moon and stars brighten a night-time sky. Written inside, in the German language, is a holiday greeting that wishes the Anderson’s a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Tucked inside the card was an 8.25 inch x 11.5 inch piece of paper featuring a story about Fulda, Minnesota!

Since 1988, Virginia and Howard Anderson have stayed in contact with a family from Germany. “We send greetings to one another at Easter, Christmas, and if we vacation somewhere during the summer, we will send photos of where we have been and what we have done and seen,” Virginia Anderson said. “We stay in touch that way.”

It was July of 1988 when the Fulda, Germany Trachtenkapelle Elters Band arrived in Fulda, MN, to help celebrate that year’s Fulda Wood Duck Festival. Members of the Trachtenkapelle Elters Band were offered lodging in the homes of area residents. Frederick Langgüt stayed in the Anderson’s home. “He didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak much German, but you can communicate through hand gestures and expressions and it works just fine. We had a wonderful time!” Virginia stated.

Frederick Langgüt is the brother of Herman Langgut who in 1988 and 1992, was the leader of the Trachtenkapelle Elters Band.

After the band returned to Germany, the Andersons stayed in touch with the Langgut’s. In 1992, the Trachtenkapelle Elters Band returned to Fulda, MN, to entertain the crowds gathered at that year’s Fulda Wood Duck Festival. This time, the Langgüt’s daughter, Martina Goldbach stayed with the Andersons. “We had such a good time together!” Virginia exclaimed.

Then in 1994, it was the Anderson’s turn to go with a group from Fulda, MN, who were traveling to Fulda, Germany. During the trip to Germany, the Andersons stayed with Martina’s mom and dad. “They treated us so well and really spoiled me! When Mrs. Langgut found out that I liked candy she went out and bought a whole bunch of it. They were delightful to stay with and were so very hospitable. We talked about how we would stay in conact and we decided that she would write in German and we would write in English,” Virginia explained.

Although research did not reveal the date of the publication of the story that was included with the Anderson’s Christmas Card, the writer, Michael Mott, Begins his article by saying that “Fulda has much to offer: lakes, history, architecture, festivals, camping, and it is the home of the wood duck.” He continues by stating that those reading the article would understand that he is not speaking of the baroque city of Fulda, Germany, but its counterpart of Fulda, MN.

Mott describes the City of Fulda as being set in a beautiful agicultural area which was founded by railroad companies. He reports that in 1879 the city’s name was Seven Mile and was later changed to Fulda by Bishop Ireland. He speaks of the depot being a museum and the fact that Fulda celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2006.

The Tractenkapelle Elters Band was founded in 1926. It currently consists of 47 active musicians who live mostly in Hessian, Germany

The ensemble plays, besides the known Rhön songs exclusively arrangements of Czech, Slovak and the popular brass bands. The current musical director is Markus Arnold.

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