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January 2, 2013

by Shar Rindfleisch
Happy belated birthdays to Byron Clausen on the 28th, Kenny Magnussen, Shirlene McBride, Jenae Vonk, and Vance Johanning on the 29th! Happy Birthday to Kris Clausen and Jill Sandhurst on January 2nd, Sara Biren on the 3rd, Kody Magnussen on the 5th, Judy Knutson on the 6th, Zack Titus and Randy Hein on the 7th

The Dundee Steakhouse has changed their bar hours. The bar will be opening at 3:00 pm Sunday - Friday and Noon on Saturdays.

The Dundee Legion will be having it's annual bullhead feed on Friday, January 4th. The Dundee Legion members are asking for some helping hands to clean bullheads on Wednesday evening, at 4:00 pm and Thursday morning at 8:00 am. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The Dundee First Lutheran Church has Sunday worship at 10:30 am.

Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch, Erik and Justin Jass attended the funeral services for Libby Little on Wednesday.

Sheila and Glenn Crowley, Kaleen Christians, Kari and Jessie Rucktaesel, Shirlene and David McBride, Fulda, Kristin, Joel, and Kallie Hovland, Heron Lake, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the SSC boys basketball game against MLA on Thursday evening.

Randy and Shar Rindfleisch attended the Candy Cane boys basketball game in Okabena on Friday evening.

Kaleen Christians, Shirlene and David McBride, Kari and Jessie Rucktaesel, Kasey, Josh, and Treydon Konrady, Fulda, Gary and Diana Ness, Slayton, and Shar Rindfleisch attended the championship boys basketball game in Okabena for the Candy Cane tournament on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, Christmas Eve day, Burdell and Kaleen Christians, Don Rolph, Josh, Kasey, and Treydon, Konrady, Kari and Jessie Rucktaesel, Sheila Crowley, Fulda, Kristin and Kallie Hovland, Arnie and Betty Rindfleisch, Dustin Rindfleisch and Heather Peter, Heron Lake, Maddie Rasche, Worthington, Lenor Kilker, Lakefield, Mandy West, Brooklynn and Marlee, Fulda, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch, attended Erik and Justin's 18th birthday celebration at the Dundee Steakhouse.

Christmas Eve, Dustin Rindfleisch and Heather Peter, Heron Lake, and Maddie Rasche, Worthington, enjoyed supper at the Randy and Shar Rindfleisch home.

Christmas Day, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch enjoyed dinner at the Arnie and Betty Rindfleisch home in Heron Lake.

Jeff Henkels and Leslie, Crystal, MN were guests at the Clara Henkels home on Saturday and Sunday.

Meriam Henkels and Randy Hiben, Crystal, were guests at the Clara Henkels home from Saturday until Tuesday.

Ron, Sandy, Willie, and Neil Kaufman, Heron Lake, joined Meriam, Randy, Jeff, and Leslie at the Clara Henkels home on Saturday evening for supper.

Meriam and Clara Henkels and Randy Hiben enjoyed supper at the Ron and Sandy Kaufman home on Christmas eve.

Ben, Sue, and Adam Humphrey, Fulda, Dianne Legler, Kathy, Kim, Cole, and Ryan Sinnamon, Dundee, Michelle and Mikelene Legler and Bramer Powers, Windom, enjoyed supper at the Fred Legler home in Windom on Tuesday evening.

David, Lynn, Alex and Kate Gustafson, Burleson, TX, Ken, Nancy, Stacy, and Curtis Gustafson, Warsaw, Glenn & Colleen Gustafson, Dan Palmer and Zane, Westbrook, Janet and Connie Gustafson, Rochester, Connie Staton, and Taryn Smith, Goodhue enjoyed Christmas Day at the Elsie Gustafson home.

Evelyn Lampert and Robin Stoyke, Worthington, visited at the Elsie Gustafson home on Thursday.

Joyce Speth, Dundee, Bruce and Nancy Rindfleisch, Austin, Aaron and Jodi Rindfleisch and kids, Rochester, Roy and Shana Daily and kids, Northfield, Ruth Hofmann, Fulda, and Mary Jo of Minneapolis spent Saturday together at the Travelodge in Worthington.

Brent and Paula Nelson, Tracy, visited at the Joyce Speth home on Monday evening.

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