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Commissioners hold final 2012 meeting

January 2, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
The final meeting of the year by Murray County Board of Commissioners was held on December 27. The 2012 budget was reviewed and accepted and the board expressed thanks to the departments that kept the budget in the black for the year.

The listings of the levies of the county and judicial ditches were accepted as presented. Levy amounts are available at the auditor/treasurerís office.

Approval was given for loans in the Clean Water Plan Septic System. Nine loans were approved in the Murray County Watershed District at four (4) percent, four in the Heron Lake Watershed at 3.5 Percent and one in the Cottonwood River Watershed.

A stipend for mileage was given to District 4 Commissioner John Giese instead of the usual mileage rate.

Chris Gilb, Kristen Deacon, Rachel Isder and Lindsey Lind presented a SHIP grant and proposal to establish a WIC garden for its clients. The raised garden plots would be funded by SHIP at no cost to the county except for the plot area. The goal is to teach better nutrition and healthy food choices. The garden is to be established on the east side of the Human Services building.

The pocket gopher bounty remains the same at $2.00 paid by the county. To be compensated, proof of trapping must be presented. Beaver control is $60.00 and only those claimed to be a nuisance by the ditch inspector, highway engineer, or a commissioners are accepted.

The solid waste assessment was passed at 100 percent on a 4-1 vote. Commissioner Robert Moline voted nay as he doesnít agree with the vacant farmsite assessment.

E911 sign agreement is $3.00 per parcel. All intersection signs are to be replaced by 2016. This was a 3-2 vote with Moline and Vickerman voting against as the assessment is for all parcels.

The State Bank of Chandler, Currie State Bank, First National Bank and Minnwest Bank South were accepted as depositories for public funds.

The final budget for 2013 was accepted with a 5.25 percent increase with a deficit of about $1,300.

Jennifer Kirchner was appointed as alternate to the Regional Emergency Manage-ment Service Committee.

A one percent increase in the commissioners salaries was approved with Moline voting nay. The base pay is $19,010 and $80 per diem for assigned committee duties.

Dates for the board meetings continue at 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesdays of the month except for December 3, 17 and 30th.

Department 2014 budget meetings are scheduled for July 9-11, 2013.

Elected official salaries were given a 3.5 percent increase. County Attorney - $70,380, Sheriff - $75,555, Auditor/treasurer - $68,827 and Recorder -$69,345.

Citizen appointed committees received a $5.00 increase to $55.00 per meeting and Planning and Zoning and Board of Adjustments remain at $80 per diem. Only one per diem can be claimed.

Meal reimbursement is $35.00 per diem and mileage rate is the IRS rate of .565 per mile.

The board reviewed the conflict of interest policy and will continue to include this at each meeting.

A map of the vacated areas or abandoned roads due to the realignment of County State Aid Highway 12 was accepted.

The 2013 board of commissioners will be sworn in on January 8 at 8:30 a.m.

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