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January 10, 2013

by Linda Beerman
There is something wonderfully exciting about a new year! Maybe it is because it seems like a good time to awaken those old desires of making each day better and count for something that lasts. I suppose that is what New Year's Resolutions really are,.a longing for something better inside of us! As I have been enjoying some Christmas gifts and pondering how I could make time to use some of them, it hit me. TIME!! That precious thing that we all have the same amount of, and honestly, I believe it is the gift that people want most from us.

Spelling was always one of my favorite subjects in school, and it seems the best way to spell T- I -M -E . We need to share this priceless gift that we have with others, especially those who are closest to us. My husband, Dan, just enjoys talking with me at the table, or having me ride along with him to town for an errand or two. Or maybe just sitting down to enjoy a movie together. Sometimes I just need to leave my other chores behind and spend that time with him. It seems that is how we show others that they are important to us, by giving them our time.

I look forward to phone calls from our four children every week or so, and texts and e-mails from former foster "kids" and grandkids too. Just yesterday my oldest grandson, Taylor, texted us and in his note said thank you for the Christmas presents. How fun to see his name pop up in the inbox! We have to prove others are important by investing in them. When we give this gift of time to anyone, young or old, we tend to treat them more graciously and they will notice. It might be someone we have never taken the time to really talk to, and now that we have, we have a total different outlook towards them.

Time given away really shows what you think or feel about someone else. I think when someone says, " I don't understand my wife..or my kids...or my husband; I am doing everything I can to provide for them. What else do they want?" THEY WANT US! THEY WANT OUR ATTENTION! When we concentrate so intently on someone else, the focus falls away from ourselves. It says to that other person, " I think of you so highly that I will give you my most precious time".

One of my hobbies is writing cards and letters. I try to write at least two every day. Many times these are sent for special occasions or to those who are ill or struggling in some way, but other times I send just plain "encouragement" to those I am thinking about or know that could use a smile or a hello. I do write on e-mail and also text, but those are not my favorite ways to communicate caring to someone. I would much rather take the time to call or write a note. The blessings that come from that time spent is so uplifting to me, it brings joy and a happiness of knowing that I have cheered up someone else's day.

So many times I have come to the realization that circumstances change, children keep growing up, and people die..just plain facts of life. That is why our time given NOW is so very important. We never have the promise of tomorrow, and no one knows that better than me, the supreme procrastinator!! I have grieved many times when I realized that an opportunity to share my time in person, with a call or card, just simply was no longer there.

Maybe you want to ask these questions with me. Who do I need to start spending more time with? What do I need to cut out of my schedule to make that possible? Or is there someone I know that is lonely, discouraged, hurting, or just plain needs to hear from me? Each morning as we face a new day, let us think.."whether or not I get anything else done, help me to spend this day loving others because that really is what life is all about."

Remember, if you are thinking about giving someone a gift of your time, there is no end to the happiness they will receive from your laughter, touch, or your voice. Taking time to slow down and "smell the roses" with another person is to touch something eternal.

Well, I'd better get that new bread machine fired up! I promised my husband fresh bread if I got one for Christmas, so I'd better use some of my time to get it done! Have a great week ahead, and remember, "Lost time can never be found!"

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