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Ben Loosbrock earns his 100th win at home triangular

January 10, 2013

Ben Loosbrock puts the moves on his Montevideo opponent to achieve his 100th win. 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Sean Solheim<br><br>

Ben Loosbrock puts the moves on his Montevideo opponent to achieve his 100th win.
By: Sean Solheim, Sports Writer
On Thursday, the Fulda/Murray County Central Warrior wrestling team brought the mats over to Slayton where they hosted two matches. The first match was against Montevideo and the second against Windom/MLBO. During the day, Senior Ben Loosbrock achieved a milestone that not very many wrestlers get and he did so in the second match against the Cobras.

In the first match with Montevideo, a few individual wrestlers stood out and claimed victories. The first to do so was Clayton Hartle in the 113 pound class. Hartle was able to gain the momentum after the first period by having a 4-2 lead. Right away in the second, Hartle started the round on the mat and earned a reverse in just over 10 seconds into the second period. As the first minute ticked by in the second, Hartle had his opponent, Jesse Wamstad, on his back, but didnít quite get the pin. Instead, a near fall was awarded, giving Hartle a 9-2 lead. Only about 30 seconds later, Hartle had another chance at a pin and successfully did so with 30 seconds left in the second period.

The score was tied as a team at six, but Montevideo had a couple good matches that put them right back in the lead. In the 126 pound class, it was a struggle to the end for Montevideoís Bailey Eickhoff with F/MCCís Ben Blanchette. Blanchette took the lead right away by gaining control after the first whistle, but Eickhoff came back and was able to go up 4-2 at the end of the 1st. In the second, Blanchette came back and took back the lead, only for a short while, however. He was up 5-4 after an escape, but right at the end of the period, Eickhoff took control of Blanchette and was awarded two points as the buzzer sounded. In the third, Blanchette did everything he could to make a comeback, but just fell short as Eickhoff was able to hold him off, 6-8.

As the match went on, Montevideo was doing more and more to score points for the team total. It wasnít until the 170 pound class with Ben Loosbrock when the Warriors got some points back.

Loosbrock was paired up with Justin Welling where he had full control the whole match. Loosbrock gained control right away in the first for two points, but couldnít get him to flip on his back. In the second, Loosbrock started on the mat where in just four seconds he traded places with Welling and Loosbrock had control once again. Towards the end of the period, Loosbrock had Welling on his back, but Welling fought hard and was able to roll back on his stomach and avoid the pin. However, it didnít take Loosbrock long and he had another shot where he succeeded with just 28 seconds left in the second period.

Dylan Nelson had a rematch from the weekend tournament where he faced David Nelson once again. Dylan Nelson had a great match, but fell just short at the end. He gained control in the first and even had David Nelson on his back facing a pin. The call wasnít made, but a near fall was given to Dylan Nelson for his efforts and that gave him a 3-0 advantage. Dylan Nelson was able to score more points in the first, but also did David Nelson. At the end of the first, the score was 7-3. Dylan Nelsonís offense halted and David Nelson picked up his. In the second, David Nelson was given two points for a reverse, and later had a near fall himself, which put him in the lead, 8-7 over Dylan Nelson. In the third, no points were scored, so David Nelson was able to hold onto the vitory over Dylan Nelson, 8-7.

The only other victories for the Warriors were for Brian Behrends and Arron Benson as both wrestlers were given wins by forfeit. Montevideo was able to win as a team, 51-24.

After a short intermission, the Windom/MLBO Cobra wrestling team did their warmups and went right into a few Junior Varsity matches. In the first match, John Sweetman and Evan Wiens squared off, and it was all Sweetman up until the final period. Sweetman gained control in the first for two points, but in the second he did the most damage. A reverse after starting on the floor, as well as a control call and a near fall put him up 9-0 after the second. He was able to gain control in the third, but Wiens tried to make a comeback. By that point, the damage was already done and Sweetman took the match by decision, 11-5.

Breylan Jacobson and Seth Swan competed in the second match. Both wrestlers were neck and neck for the first period as the score was 2-2 as the buzzer sounded. Unfortunately for Jacobson, Swan flipped him over on his back and tagged both shoulders against the ground for a pin.

In the final J.V. match, Ethan Heintz and Julio Gutierrez faced off and Heintz did everything he could to fend him off, but a pin was called with 20 seconds left in the first period to end the match.

The Cobras were dominant in the match with the Warriors as only just a couple wrestlers from F/MCC stood out in the match.

For the Warriors, Tate Meyer in the 120 pound class had a great fight in his match with Joe Fischenich. By the end of the first period, Meyer and Fischenich were with in just one point of each other with Fischenich having the slight advantage, 2-1. Meyer was able to bounce back in the second and tied the round up by gaining control for two points. In the third period, Meyer gained a nice lead right away as he went up 7-4, but Fischenich wasnít going to give up that easy. Fischenich gained control of Meyer with 22 seconds left in the third, and Meyer was able to escape later with 10 seconds left. That escape gave Fischenich a chance to gain control once again, and he did so with just four seconds left in the period to force a one minute fourth period. About half way through the fourth, unfortunately for Meyer, Fischenich rolled him over on his back and was given the pin call with 33 seconds left in the fourth.

Ben Blanchette wanted to bounce back from his first match loss and he was paired up with Hayden Fast. Blanchette took the first couple points late in the first period by gaining control, but with ten seconds left, Fast was awarded a reverse to tie the match. The points didnít stop in those last 10 seconds, however. In the final second of the match, Blanchette was able to escape the grasp by Fast and was given another point at the buzzer sounded to go up 3-2. In the second, Blanchette put the final move on his opponent about half way through the period. Blanchette took down his opponent so hard that he laid on the mat practically motionless. After a loud thud to the mat, the whistle blew signalling a pin that gave Blanchette the win.

After a few forfeits, Ben Loosbrock was back on the mat once again, and that was match that set a milestone for himself. Loosbrock wasted no time in his match to set his opponent up to roll on his back. Once Loosbrock gained control , a pin was given to him and everyone stood and cheered as the Senior achieved his 100th victory. With that win, Loosbrock joined an elite list of high school wreslters, and in fact, he joined three other wrestlers from the state of Minnesota that acheived milestones of their own as well.

For the rest of the match, the Warriors couldnít get anything going as they fell to the Cobras, 12-66.

The Warriors final match up of the week was in Garretson this past Saturday in the Garretson Tournament.

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