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Cindy Teerink is new cook at Fulda Elementary

January 16, 2013

Cindy Teerink 
Cindy Teerink
By Norma Dittman
Cindy Teerink, Rushmore, MN, began as the new cook at Fulda Elementary School on January 2nd when the students returned to class following the Christmas holiday vacation.

Teerink holds a Minnesota State Food Safety Specialist certificate as she has worked as an assistant manger at HyVee in Worthington for the past ten years. She will continue to work at HyVee as well as working at Fulda Elementary School in food service.

Teerink is married to husband Jim. The couple have two daughters who are both college students.

Daughter Mariah holds a double major in Political Science and Spanish, according to Teerink. She plans on attending law school and is presently serving as an intern in Washington, DC with the Constitution Project which is a non-profit organization.

Daughter Lexy is attending Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Although her major is not quite solidified, she is in marching band at the college and plans to be in track in the spring.

“An interesting fact about Lexy is that she will be marching in the Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC during the weekend of January 19th through the 21st,” Teerink explained. “In fact, the whole family plans on attending the Inaugural Parade so that we can watch Lexy in it. With the internship program that Mariah is in, she may be helping with either the parade, the ball or the Children’s Concert. She does not know which one she will be assigned to just yet.”

Teerink’s work history includes waitressing, working at the local radio station in advertising sales, working at Shopko and Hy Vee.

She is on the board of directors for the Dollars for Scholars Program in Worthington. “I believe that education is very important to every child. I have served on the Dollars for Scholars Board for the past four year because of this and enjoy the fund raising so that seniors can have money to attend college.

Teerink is also very active in the Grassroots Community Theatre for Rushmore. She is quite often one of the many actresses who participate in the plays. The groups most recent productions were Leaving Iowa and Alumdie.

“When PJ Klein put on Facebook that Fulda Elementary School needed a cook, I knew right away that I wanted to apply for the position,” Teerink stated. “I absolutely love children. Their smiles and stories bring such joy to life. PJ brought me an application and I was very happy to receive an interview and be hired for this job. I want the kids to be able to enjoy the food that is served to them. It needs to look tempting and appealing as well as tasting good to them. I very often do temperature checks and some taste testing just to make sure that the food is just right. I like to make sure that what is being served is foods that I would be proud to serve my own family.”

“The interaction with the students here is so much fun. I’m learning names and faces and it’s so good to be able to recognize who they are. It took about three days for them to start opening up to us,” Teerink commented.

She taught Sunday School in her church for thirteen years and has been very active with the youth of the church including chaperoning on youth trips.

Fanny Sandhurst and Kathy Duerr are also part of the Fulda Elementary School Food Service staff.

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