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January 16, 2013

January 5th, 2013
Meeting called to order by President Tim. Secretary report read and approved. No Treasures report.

Old Business: Scholarships: The Iron Horse Club will be giving out three $500.00 scholarships. Members that were at the meeting went over the applications and picked three winners. The winners will be announced at the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday February 16th. Congratulations!

Chili Cook-Off: Tim, Curt and Mark will be on the committee to get the judges. The club talked about having separate judges for the different chili flavors and having a winner from each category. The club will purchase all the groceries. All members are to bring chili and bars. Al Ahlers will make some door prizes. Elray, Julie and Curt are in charge to get the door prizes.

New Business: Steve Magnus (Commander of the Fulda VFW) came to the meeting and asked if the club would be willing to back up the Welcome Home Vietnam Healing Ride Rally. It is a statewide ride from May 27-June 1st. They will be coming through our area. A motion was made and carried. The club got a gun donated. It was discussed to have a gun fundraiser sometime this year.

At the February meeting we will be voting on new board members. If anybody would like to step up and help out can let Tim or myself know. Some volunteers are Amy C. Mark and Julie V.

If anybody has a ride they want to put on the ride schedule should let Tim know ASAP.

Biker Day at the Capital is later this month. If anybody would like to go, you should contact Beaver.

Next meeting will be February 2nd at 6:30 at Junipers in Slayton.

Membership dues are due February 1st! Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Lyn Ramerth

Iron Horse MC Secretary

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