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Fulda FCCLA members qualify for State Competition

January 16, 2013

 Fulda Jr. High School FCCLA Chapter  
 Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Fulda Jr. High School FCCLA Chapter
Fulda  Sr. High School FCCLA Chapter 
Fulda Sr. High School FCCLA Chapter
On Wednesday, January 9th, the Fulda FCCLA members participated in the annual regional competition. The members had all completed projects and then prepared a presentation for the judges. Some of these were individual projects and others teams of two or three students. All of the Fulda members earned ratings that have now qualified them for state competition in April. The members will use the next few weeks to update their events and to make changes prior to the next judging.

As you read the following list of projects the members have completed, please note those that deal with service. Community service is a vital part of the FCCLA organization. Understanding the need for such projects and then stepping up to the plate to be a part of the solution, is certainly a positive character trait.

Congratulations FCCLA members and good luck in the state competition!

The following Fulda FCCLA Members have qualified for the Minnesota State Competition to be held in eearly April in the Twin Cities.

Jr. High Advancers:

•Alex Schumacher and Brian Fenske: See What We’ve Done - Jump Rope for Heart

•Christian Bos and John Gunderman: See What We’ve Done - Hoops for Heart

•Aron Hulstein, Tristan Steiner, and Bronson Spies: Illustrated Talk - ATC Safety

•Bailey Onken and Nicole Sauer: Illustrated Talk - Suicide Prevention

•Taylor Schettler, Siera Steiner, and Ruth Cheadle: Applied Technology - Elementary Yearbook

•Orin Kaufman and Mathius Kunerth - Advocacy - Character Development

°Bailey Onken, Nicole Sauer and Kade Clarke: Chapter Service Manual - Little Dresses for Africa

•Courtney Zins, Courtney Heppler, and Tatym Zins: Chapter Showcase Display - Overview of Jr. Chapter

°Brandon Everett and Justin dierks: National Programs in Action - Holiday food boxes and Toys for Tots

•Kyla Fuerstenberg and Morgan Rachay: National Programs in Action - Handwashing

•Randi Tiesler and Allyson Kenney: Promote and Publicize - Member Recruitment

•Claire Westra: Teach and Train - Researching teachers

Kaitlyn Renneke, Sophia Spittle, and Christine Salentiny: Food Innovations - Healthy Breakfast Items

Sr. High Advancers:

•April Gunderman: Illustrated Talk - Choose Healthy foods

•Marissa Kunerth and Taylor Kenney: Advocacy - Distracted Driving

°Maddie Kaufman, Dani Hermeling, and Matt Kunerth: Chapter Showcase Display - Overview of Sr. Chapter

•Olivia Baerenwald and Adrea Fuerstenberg: Chapter Service Display - Project Linus

•Ryan Schumacher, Matt Funk, and Kenny Magnussen - National Programs in Action - Veterans Day

•Kelsey Heppler: No Kid Hungry Event - Create Awareness of low income healthy food items.

Front row, L to R: Brian Fenske, Randi Tiesler, Claire Westra, Morgan Rachuay, and Christian Bos. Seated on bench are Aron Hulstein, Bronson Spies, Tristan Steiner, Justin Dierks, Alex Schumacher. Standing: Courtney Zins, Kaitlyn Renneke, Brandon Everett, Orin Kaufman, Tatym Zins, Sierra Steiner, John Gunderman, Nicole Sauer, Kyla Fuerstenberg, Christine Salentiny, Taylor Schettler, Allyson Kenney, Bailey Onken, and Ruth Cheadle. Not pictured are Mathius Kunerth, Kade Clarke, Courtney Heppler, and Sophia Spittle. Front row, L to R: Marissa Kunerth, Maddie Kaufman, Dani Hermeling, Andrea Fuerstenberg, and April Gunderman. Back row: Kenney Manussen, Matt Kunerth, Ryan Schumacher, Matt Funk, and Olivia Baerenwald. Not pictured is Taylor Kenney.

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