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Jens,Thiner and Moline take oath of commissioner office

January 16, 2013

Murray County Commissioners By Dorothy Bloemendaal
New commissioners Dave Thiner and James Jensen and re-elected Commissioner Robert Moline took the oath of office by Court Administrator Steve Schultz.

The first item of business for the Murray County Board of Commissioners was to elect the chairman and vice chairman for the coming year. Auditor/ treasurer asked for nominations. Gerald Magnus was nominated and a unanimous vote was cast for chairman and John Giese for the vice chairman position. As Robert Moline passed the gavel he told of the challenges the board faced and also the enjoyable time. He thanked Heidi Winter for doing a great job and particularly an excellent job on the budget for the coming year. He stresses how the county was moving forward and challenged the board to continue to move in a positive direction.

County assessor Marcy Barritt read the assessor’s oath of office.

Justin Hoffman presented two options for a pickup for the parks’ department. A 1999 Ford 350 needs extensive repair or to purchase a new truck on the state bid. It was decided to purchase the new truck on a state bid of $29,392.38 rather than put $4,000 to $5,000 with high mileage on the used pickup. Disposal of the pickup will depend on the delivery of the new truck.

Murray County Editorial Group submitted and was accepted a quote of $10.80 per column inch for all legal notices of the county.

Scott Anderson of Rupp, Anderson, Squires and Waldspurger, P.A. was retained as legal consultant for the county.

Deputy Sheriff Randy Donahue requested purchase of a 2013 Dodge Ram for the Sheriff’s department. The state bid was $23,7678 with six to eight weeks delivery.

Connie Wieneke, license center supervisor, presented a resolution agreement for a raise in the drivers license filing fee. She also presented a yearly comparison for the amount taken in and the number of transactions by the license center since 2005. In 2012, 14,598 transactions were made and a total of $1,781,934.73.

In 2008 the county golf cart/ ATV permit was passed and since then 2,490 golf permits were issued.

An agreement was signed to permit the county to purchase off the state bid for items and equipment for the highway department. The final payment was made on the Moulton Township bridge. There will be a bid opening on the Murray Township bridge on February 19, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. Randy Groves encouraged the new commissioners to visit the highway department facilities.

The board reviewed the 2013 commissioner and citizen committee appointments. A complete listing will be published elsewhere. John Risacher was appointed to the hospital board. Association of Minnesota Counties appointments were Environment - John Giese, Health and Human Services - Gerald Magnus, General Government - Dave Thiner, Transportation - Robert Mo-line, and Public Safety - James Jens. Voting delegates to the AMC meetings are the five commissioners, Christy Riley, Aurora Heard and Jean Christoffels.

The board discussed at length how to fill the position of director at the End-O-Line Park. A special meeting was held on Monday, January 7 with input from the museum, Historical Society board, EDA, interested residents, and the commissioners. A new director should be in place by the opening of the park on April 1. Full or part time employment, benefits, hours for the park, admission fees, etc, were discussed. A decision was postponed until January 22.

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