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January 16, 2013

December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012 8:30 a.m. Pursuant to notice, the Murray County Board of Commissioners convened in special session with the following members present: Commissioners Giese, Magnus, Moline, Sauer and Vickerman. Also present Aurora Heard, Heidi Winter, and Paul Malone. Excused Absence: Commissioner Sauer

MSP to approve the agenda as modified.

MSP to approve the December 18, 2012 minutes.

MSP and carried that all claims as presented were approved for payment. The Chairman was authorized to sign the Audit List dated 12/27/2012 with fund totals as follows and warrants numbered 138032-138138.

County Revenue Fund 54,527.74

County Road & Bridge Fund 47,417.27

EDA 352.84 Hospital Maintenance 7,535.00

SAWSD 22.00

Total 111,227.15

MSP to accept the report of the Ditch Committee of the County and Judicial Ditches lying within the County of Murray on those petitions for repair that have been inspected for determining what repairs, if any, are necessary, the extent and nature of such repairs, an estimated costs of such repairs or a list of bills presented for payment that will enable said ditches to answer their purposes and to pay all bills contained within the report.

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-01 A Resolution Setting the 2013 Levies for County and Judicial Drainage Systems in Murray County

MSP to authorize an expenditure of $200.00 to John Giese District 4 Commissioner, as reimbursement for miscellaneous job-related mileage in 2012. 8:57 a.m. Commissioner Sauer arrived.

MSP to approve to allow Southwest Health and Human Services to utilize county property for a WIC garden and upon completion of the project to clean up the area. MSP to certify the 2012 CWP Septic System Loans as special assessments for taxes payable in 2013.

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-02 A Resolution Setting the 2013 Pocket Gopher Bounty

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-03 A Resolution setting the Murray County Beaver Control Fee for 2013

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-04 A Resolution Setting the Solid Waste Assessment for 2013

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-05 A Resolution Setting the E911 Assessment for 2013 MSP RESOLUTION 2012-12-27-06 A Resolution Approving 2013-2014 Depository of Public Funds Agreements

MSP RESOLUTION 2012-12-27-07 A Resolution Setting the 2013 Budget

MSP to approve the updated county credit card policy.

MSP to approve appointing Jennifer Kirchner as the alternate on the Regional EMS Committee.

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-08 A Resolution Setting County Commissioner Salary and Adopting Schedule of Per Diem for 2013

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-09 2013 Meeting Dates Open Forum/Public Comment No members of the public were present.

MSP RESOLUTION NO. 2012-12-27-10 2013 County Attorney Salary

MSP RESOLUTION NO. 2012-12-27-11 2013 County Sheriff Salary

MSP RESOLUTION NO. 2012-12-27-12 2013 County Auditor/Treasurer Salary

MSP RESOLUTION NO. 2012-12-27-13 2013 County Recorder Salary

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-14 A Resolution Stating the 2013 Meal Reimbursement Policy

MSP Resolution 2012-12-27-15 RESOLUTION PURSUANT TO M.S.A. 163.11, SUBD. 4

MSP to approve no longer offering a matching grant effective January 1, 2013 for new health insurance enrollees as the Southwest West Central Service Cooperative will no longer be offering this grant.

MSP to approve a step increase, plus 1% as salary adjustment for all non-union employees in 2013, further moving that to be eligible for the step increase an employee must have been employed in his/her current position since January 1, 2012.

MSP RESOLUTION NO 2013-12-27-17 A Resolution Setting the Per Meeting Pay for Citizen Committees

MSP to approve the Commissioner Vouchers for the period of December 9, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The meeting adjourned at 10:56 a.m.

ATTEST: Aurora Heard

Murray County Coordinator

A complete copy of these proceedings will be posted for 1 month at the Murray County Government Center, Slayton, MN.

And also available at

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