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January 31, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
Last Sunday morning we scratched and clawed our way to the Presbyterian Church. It was actually past high noon somewhat but it was all of one hundred feet and was my driveway. The abutting church walks were well maintained with salt. Understandably, because of the distance, we were one of the last to arrive. But they still had a choice of soups, Louise had the chili and mine was the bean with ham. There was also a nice selection of pie. I took a good looking slice of rhubarb pie and I'm not sure what she had but she liked it. Going to the neighbors for Sunday dinner is always nice. The crowd was down because of the weather but the church was still doing a good business. We fought our way back to our house and never left it the rest of the day.

* * *

It was estimated that last Halloween $1.1 billion was spent for kids costumes and $1.4 billion for adult costumes. It costs more to have fun when your an adult. This useful information is offered now so you can order early. Besides your old trusty Darth Vader is showing plenty of wear.

* * *

So who are those young looking married folks in our wedding section last week? We have the answers .

1. Rodney and Irene Wahl, Fulda; 2. Dennis and Donna Swan, Balaton; 3. Ed and Colleen Freking, Heron Lake; 4. Ferdie and Lois Haberman, Brewster; 5. Frank and Deb Wieneke, Adrian; 6. Mike and Sue Zins, Fulda; 7. Loren and Judy Marschel, Okabena; 8. Vernon and Leann Wenzel, Fulda; 9. Henrietta and Larry Kalas, Slayton; 10. Earl and Joyce Erdman, Lismore; 11. Billy and Heidi Burzlaff, Adrian; 12. Ruth and Keith Kluis, Pipestone

* * *

Have a good week.

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