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January 31, 2013

Rachel Cheadle puts up a two as she scores her 500th career point plus grabbed her 500th career rebound. 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Sheila Crowley
Rachel Cheadle puts up a two as she scores her 500th career point plus grabbed her 500th career rebound.
Rachel Cheadle hits milestone
Girls lose to Summit in non conference matchup The Raiders were on the floor of DSU-Madison less than 16 hours following a tough loss Friday night to take on the Lady Eagles of Summit, SD. Summit is ranked number one in class B for the state of South Dakota. Fulda lacked the intensity they showed the previous night and failed to connect on open shots and fell to the Eagles by the score of 34-61.

Courtney Tiesler had the hot hands early on, hitting two three pointers. Amanda Schumacher would be the only other Raider to find the basket in the first quarter which ended with the score 8 Raiders, 14 Lady Eagles.

The second quarter went completely to Summit. Fulda had two buckets, one by Rachel Cheadle and another by Melissa Gehl. The Lady Eagles displayed excellent defense and the Raiders couldn’t connect on some automatic buckets and found themselves down 12- 27 at the half.

Fulda was out scored in the third quarter, 8 - 20 and just didn’t have enough to stop the onslaught by Summit. Sariah Cheadle scored back to back baskets, Amanda Schumacher and Melissa Gehl would each score two points. Third quarter of the game ends, 20-47.

The final quarter would go as the first three. The Raiders went flat and Summit used that to their advantage. Tiesler and S. Cheadle each connected to get the score to 24-50. In the final minutes of the game, Dani Hermeling would connect with a basket and a three pointer, followed by a Courtney Zins free throw. Laura Williams would get the last score for Fulda. The afternoon matchup ends 34 Fulda, 62 Summit. SWU defeats Fulda in RRC game SWC 80 Fulda 71

The Raiders were looking to avenge an earlier loss to the Eagles but came up short Friday evening in a very exciting game at Fulda, losing by the score of 71-80. The stands were full and the crowd was loud to help spur on the Raiders. The student cheering section for the Raiders did an awesome job helping boost the girls and kept the girls motivated during the game. The girls were also hosting “bench buddy” night, followed by meet the Raiders.

The Raiders were more than ready to take on SWC and proved that throughout the night. Melissa Gehl (8 pts, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 6 steals) scored the opening points, SWC answered back and took a 2-4 point advantage. This would be how the first half played out. Courtney Tiesler (14 points) tied the score at 21-21 near the midway point in the first half. The lead would go back and forth 5 times before the Eagles took a two point lead into the break, 39-41. Coach Slaathaug, “The girls came out and played hard. I can’t be upset with their team effort. They did perform well all night.”

Great plays by the Raiders early in the second half kept Fulda close and with 6 and a half minutes gone in the final period, a bucket by Gehl evened the score 53-53. Fulda would go on a run of their own, Rachel Cheadle (9 pts, 15 rebounds) connected on three consecutive possessions and sank a free throw to give the Raiders a 60-56 lead. Brittney Hermeling (18 pts, 4 assists, 3 steals), answered with a scoring drive followed by Sariah Cheadle (16 pts, 7 rebounds, 6 assists) and , Fulda up 64-60 with 6:11 remaining. Our lead was extended to 69-64 after a bucket by Amanda Schumacher (6 pts). SWC would not be denied, they came back and capitalized an Raider turn overs. Fulda saw their lead expire and had to start fouling to try and get back the ball. The game ended with the Eagles walking away victorious 80 - 71.

Cheadle hits milestone vs. SWU A regular season game turned out to be anything but ordinary for senior forward Rachel Cheadle, Tuesday night vs. the SWU Wildcats. Cheadle recorded her 500th career point plus grabbing her 500th career rebound. Cheadle explained, "I had no idea I was that close to scoring 500 points or rebounds. Coach Slaathaug informed me at practice. I was totally shocked."

The Raiders played a very balanced game against the Wildcats having four players score in double figures. The game was completely dominated by the Raiders from start to finish. Rachel Cheadle (14 pts, 10 rebounds) got things going for the Raiders, scoring the first two buckets for her team. Fulda kept up their strong defense and shut down any type of offense the Wildcats tried to muster. The Raiders held them to only two points for virtually 5 minutes in the first half. Following a three point shot form Melissa Gehl (10pts, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals), Fulda took a 26 point advantage going into the half 39-13.

The second half once again belonged to the Raiders. Baskets by Hermeling (14 pts, 4 rebounds, 2 assists), S. Cheadle (16 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists) Williams (2 pts), and a free throw by Gehl gave Fulda a strong lead 48-22 to open the game up and get it completely out of the reach for the Wildcats. Amanda Schumacher added 6 points and 6 rebounds, Courtney Tiesler followed with 4 points, 3 assists and 2 steals, and Katelyn Renneke added one to complete the scoring for the Raiders. The team played very well, dishing the ball out to the open players and double teaming Courtney Place and came home with the win, 67-43. The Raiders will be in action Friday evening against Southwest Minnesota Christian at Fulda.

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