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Murray County Board of Commissioners hear Annual Food Shelf report

January 31, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
Two petitions for ditch repair were cancelled at the Murray County Board of Commission-ers meeting on Tuesday, January 22. The petition for County Ditch #65, Dovray Township was determined to be a private tile and CD #22, Section 24 in Shetek Township was now working. An update on CD #52, Section 22, Holly Township was approved.

The board approved selling the Parks Department Ford F350 truck to Balaton Auto Salvage for $2,150. The new truck should be delivered in four to six weeks.

The resignation of Lonnie Cochran was accepted. A credit card will be issued for Jenna Mollema to be used for sheriff’s department.

The 2012 Clean Water Partnership Septic System Loans were amended as 2013 special assessment. Daniel Fisher and Amy Young were amended to $3,250.00 for 10 years in the Murray County Septic Lien Program at four percent interest and $9,000.00 for seven years in the Heron Lake Clean Water Septic Lien Program at three and one half percent interest.

Commissioner James Jens reported on the SAWS meeting where it was discussed to divide the area into wards for fairer representation.

Karen Tommeraasen, Linda Wing and Paul Horn presented the annual report of the Murray County food Shelf. Clients of the food shelf were 1,109 children, 1,549 adults and 272 Seniors. Over half of the income of $33,465 comes from agency and state grants. The Southwest Minnesota Initiative Foundation grant of $1,000 funded milk vouchers for about six months. The board is considering vouchers to offer a similar arrangement to increase fresh fruits and vegetables for healthier eating in 2013.

Nobles Cooperative Electric replaced refrigerators and chest freezers and conducted a matching drive adding $1,900 to the food shelf.

The Murray county Masonic Lodge sponsored a fund drive with a 2:1 match from MN Masonic Charities. The result was almost $20,000. The fund drive will be repeated in 2013 with a 1:1 match return. The board appreciated the many food drives by area organizations and also thanked the commissioners for their support of providing food shelf space and utilities.

Commissioner Robert Moline reported on county employee insurance meetings he has been attending. Several counties are uniting to search for other options to lower costs. The board approved $2,000 for investigating insurance companies.

The job description for the End-O-Line director was approved with several changes. The director will provide a monthly update; minimum and preferred qualifications would have separate identities, accountabilities are shared by all employees were among the changes. The board decided on a temporary seasonal director from April 1 to October 1 and a 40 hour week.

The next meeting of the board was changed to January 29 at 10:00 a.m.

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