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February 8, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
We are just weeks away from spring according to ranking ground hogs who admit to not seeing their shadows last Saturday. It's hard to visualize spring when you still have frost on your butt from the last several weeks. This past Sunday I was scraping Saturday’s contribution of winter joy off the driveway. Reaching down I picked up a small branch that has been laying by the side of the approach and after straightening up I took one step and then I was hugging the brick of the driveway. I laid there until the dog came over and offered to lick my face. It wasn't easy getting up but I made it. Gone are the days when you care if anyone saw you. A check to see if everything was still working and that nothing was broken before trying to finish the job that was started. I moved slower than the normal slow.

Sundays big game is over and it was entertaining to the end. It's about the only time when the commercials out weigh the game.

* * *

The best answer to the question asked in an interview, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?" . . . "In the mirror as always . . "

* * *

Torvald says that Americans are funny: “First day put sugar in a glass to make it sveet; den, a twist of lemon to make it sour, gin to make it varm dem up and ice to cool it off. Den dey say, “Here’s to you,” and drink it demselves.”

* * *

Correction: In last week Jottings we named the wedding couples in the Bridal Supplement. We regret that we mis-identified couple #3, they should have been Marj and Gene Freking, not Ed and Coleen Freking.

* * *

Have a good week

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