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A message

from just a few Concerned citizens:

February 8, 2013

Dear Editor:
I am just one of the many, many, many concerned patients of (Doctor) Dan Woldt PA-C. You noticed that I said “Doctor Dan” as all of us think of Dan as our “doctor” as for my years of diagnosis, he has saved many lives and when he cannot help us, he knows when to refer us to a specialist.

I hope I’m saying what most of Dan’s patients would say! I think most are not concerned about how monumental the front of a building is, but what is in the heart of the people working in it! Dan always treats you like a person and not just a number!

The question I ask is, “how could the person or persons riding too high on their horse, could even consider the word, FIRE!” Do you realize how many hands you bit that feed you? Do you realize that all your investigations of scheduling doesn’t mean anything to them?

I ask myself after seeing a disturbing event on the foggy Monday morning...(I live on the new and fast Hwy 59). I came to the stop sign between home and my heifer farm and a person going up hill, trying to pass a pickup with their LIGHTS OFF! Did ye, who considered firing Dan and his nurse have your lights on?? Did you really think WHY he has many patients that want to see him?

Maybe you should re-think about where the horse you are riding, is leading you? AND about biting the hands that feed you!

Just a little upset,

Dave Schwartz and MANY concerned citizens

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