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Murray County Board of Commissioners Sewer bonds refunded with lower interest rate

February 8, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
The Murray County Board of Commissioners called an extra meeting during the month of January for a bid opening and other business.

George Eilertson, Northwest Securities, brought to the board an overview of General Obligation Sewer Revenue Crossover Refunding Bonds. The call date on the original bonds is February 2017. The county has a Aa3 bond rating based on reserves of seven months, manageable debt, etc. Eilertson said the county has an excellent rating (and is) “doing something right here”. The board had indicated earlier they would considered new bonds if there was a savings of a minimum of $150,000. The average interest rate of new bonds will be 2.08 percent realizing a reduction of $169,939 or $16,127.72 per year. The call date will be 2020 with maturity in 2027 and 2028. With the information given the board agreed with a roll call vote 4-0.

Tobacco licenses were approved for Carlson’s Corner, Ruppert Oil, Pete’s Corner, Chandler Coop - Cenex Con-venience Store - Lake Wilson, Avoca Municipal Liquor Store, and K&R Beers - Trail’s Edge General Store.

There was general discussion of what to do about the heating system in the government center. It was recommended not to repair a dysfunctional heat pump. The pump is one of eight original in the building of 30 years. Commissioners James Jens and Dave Thiner will view the heating and cooling system for the building and contact G & R for a recommendation. Steve Robinson, engineer, will also be contacted for a possible feasibility study of the system.

Justin Hoffman, parks director, presented a recommendation from the Fairgrounds Advisory Committee for the purchase of 32 gates for the sheep barn at a cost of $9,232.08. The board approved the purchase.

The job description of the maintenance position for the government center was approved as updated. The full time position would include locking and unlocking doors, there is minimum qualifications and the addition of a carpet cleaner. Advertising for a part time maintenance person will begin immediately. Ken Hakeman was hired for 20 hours per week from February 6 - March 29.

The insurance committee continues to meet with other counties to find better insurance rates.

Jean Christoffels - Zoning administrator and Rick Like- mayor of Hadley, requested a memorandum of understanding between the county and the city of Hadley. The city would adopt the county ordinances with some special development ordinances for Hadley. The flood plain would follow DNR regulations. The county would handle the permitting and enforcement regulations. Commissioner Thiner questioned, “Are we setting a precedence?” The board also approved the hourly, with benefits rate, be charged to the city for work the zoning office and water resources does.

Jon Bloemendaal presented the annual feed lot report for signature by the board to be sent to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Each year a percentage of the lots are inspected with 41 done in 2012. There were also 29 Level 3 inspections held.

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