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February 28, 2013

by Shar Rindfleisch
Happy Birthday to Cindy Bullerman and Brian Mathias on the 26th, Carol Willford and Mark Ferguson on the 27th, my Grandma, Lenor Kilker on March 1st, Kathy Pearson, Doug Engler, Glen Grunewald, and, my niece, Kristin Hovland on the 2nd, James Gehl on the 3rd, Mary Hemmen and Scott Chepa on the 4th, and Kari Hoonhurst on the 5th! Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a birthday this week!

Please remember the Kraig Magnussen family in your prayers. Kraig is hospitalized in Sioux Falls. There will be a benefit for the Magnussen family on March 23rd. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Teresa Mollema.

The Youth Group at the Dundee First Lutheran Church will be holding a silent auction and a baked potato feed from 5 - 7 pm on March 17th. Some of the auction items are gift certificates from local businesses, hamburger from holy cows, antique pictures, make up kits, tool belt, and much more.

Brenda's Gas and Grocery is closed this week, will reopen next week.

The SWU boys basketball team will be playing at Mankato Loyola on Monday evening at 7:00 pm, for the first round of boys basketball playoff action.

Kaleen Christians, Fulda, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the SWU boys basketball game in Mt. Lake on Tuesday evening.

Shar Rindfleisch visited with Yvonne and Gary Hildebrandt in Mt. Lake on Tuesday evening.

Gary Ness, Slayton, Shirlene McBride and Kaleen Christians, Fulda, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the boys SWU basketball game in Westbrook on Friday evening.

Amy, Craig, Layla, Bryce, Brianna, and Mason Gertsema, Slayton, Cathy, Myron, and Mykil Vonk enjoyed cake and ice cream at the Les and Janet Engler home on Wednesday to celebrate Les Engler's 75th birthday.

Christopher Chacula visited with Carol Willford at the Butch and Carol Willford home on Monday morning.

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