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Team Brianna raises $2,193 in 2013 Mall Walk

February 28, 2013

Team Brianna 
 Submitted photo
Submitted photo
Team Brianna
by Norma Dittman
For the second year, the local Team Brianna participated in the annual Children’s Care Hospital and School Mall Walk which was held on Saturday, February 2nd, at the Empire Mall, Sioux Falls, SD.

When all of the tallies were finally in place, Team Briana had raised $2,193.00!

The total raised through this year’s Mall Walk was $85,575. 900 walkers registered for the Mall Walk.

Team Briana’s Team Captain is Briana’s mom, Alisa Schweigert, Fulda. “Briana and I woke up at 4 a.m. to get ready for our walk. We picked up Aunt Danyel and her daughter Carmen around 6:30 and go to the mall around 7:45 a.m.,” Schweigert stated. “As Team Captain I wanted to make sure that I was there before our team members began arriving so that I could help them register. We had eighteen team members this year.”

Briana, who will celebrate her fifth birthday on March 13th, is the daughter of Alisa Schweigert and Justin Wildfeuer. After birth, Briana was diagnosed with Septo Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Briana is blind and has low muscle toning. Some of Briana health care is provided by Children’s Care Hospital.

Schweigert stated that Briana’s cousins are her best supporters. “They were all excited to see each other. The kids got to listen to music, have their faces painted. They met Miss South Dakota, and met some Star Wars characters and were given balloon animals,” she said.

“Briana walked a full lap holding hands with Andrew and Nana Kris. My mom, Brenda, was on back-up with the stroller in case Briana's little legs got tired. When it was time to go home, Briana told me her feet hurt, but she didn't want to go home. Sh asked "can we go back to the Mall Walk?" Looks like we will participate again next year!! We are very grateful for all of the support!” Schweigert commented.

The money raised by the Children’s Care Hospital and School Mall Walk is used to provide medical and recreational equipment and supplies to help all children served by the facility. Team Photo Front row, (L to R): Tyler Ackerman, Fulda, Kayden Spencer, Bloomington, Addison Speckmier, Slayton, Briana Wildfeuer, Fulda, Carmen Magallames- Watertown, SD, Bonnie Hedquist, Wilder, MN. Middle row: Brenda Schweigert, Fulda, Andrew Werner, Hastings, MN, Alisa Schweigert, Fulda, Brandy Schweigert, Mankato, Danyel Schweigert, Watertown, SD. Back row: Nicole Spencer, Bloomington, MN, Kari Ackerman, Fulda, Hailey Ackerman-, Fulda, Andrea Speckmier-, Slayton, Ashley Wildfeuer, Hastings, Kristi Gass, Fulda, Sue Schweigert, Fulda.

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