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March 14, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
Saturday's rain left a lot of folks scrambling to direct water away from their homes. The rain started Friday evening and ran until Saturday afternoon with amounts greater in the southeast. It was at a little over one inch. With the ground frozen and drains plugged, surface water was abundant. The temperature dropped giving most folks a private skating rink. We did miss most of the snow.

Saturday night the Fulda Lions Club celebrated 50 years with a dinner, much hoopla and a dance. The Fulda Big Band played and Shelia Crowley sang. The night was good. Bolstered by a Diet-Coke I managed the dance floor with my favorite spouse one complete number. The crowd, concerned about the snow flurries and wind, was bailing early. With only three blocks to drive, I was living recklessly. We should have went home. A young lady, just over 50, who was done singing, asked me to dance. I did but was worried about if the faster pace was more than I could handle. It went well with much twirling and such on her part, I was just trying to hang on. The end came, none too soon, with the final swirl into the big dip and then I knew I was in trouble. She swept past with the idea that I would catch her before she hit the floor. Mostly I did, but she did hit the floor, then I hit the floor mostly missing her. People rushed over to help. She was on her feet before I got my eyes open. Lots of help came. I wasn't sure it was because of two new, out of the box, knees or if I was just an old man swimming in too deep a water. The wife gave me that "I told you so look" and we went home, it was 8:30. The next afternoon the boys from the funeral home were circling the block.

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Have a good week.

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