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City sells excess equipment

April 4, 2013

By Jerry Johnson
High bids were accepted by the Fulda city council for excess equipment. The 1980 Ford bucket truck was purchased for $6,150 by Delano Dorpinghaus. The pipe cleaning machine went for $550.00 from Mike Bottelberghe. The electric cement mixer was purchased by Alan Ahlers for $55.78. The rotary tiller was bought for $608.00 by Mike Bottleberghe.

The city will promote their Wood Duck addition lots in the spring home improvement supplement.

The city reviewed the pet ordinances comparing it to the City of Slayton animal ordinance. The new ordinance would limit the number of pets per household and the kind of animals. The decision was postponed to the May 6th meeting.

The council discussed samples of open forums and standards of conduct for public meetings. The code of ethics for public officials was not discussed.

The Wood Duck addition was brought up for possable changes to the kinds of homes that could be built. The discussion will continue at the May 6th meeting.

The spring pick up day or Junk Day is set for May 7th.

The city will purchase law enforcement ammunition for a total price of $687.85 with a delivery date in one year.

The water treatment plant proj ect will be discussed at a special meeting set for Monday April 8th. The specs will reviewed with a possible bid letting date of May 6th. Finances will be considered and water rate adjustment options presented on April 8th.

They will consider selling the 15 year old Crown Victoria squad vehicle and installing cruise control in the cities second pickup.

The next regular council meeting will be May 6th.

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