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Special city council meeting held to discuss water treatment system

April 13, 2013

By Jerry Johnson
The Fulda City Council viewed the bid schedule for the construction of the water treatment facility. The improvements were broke down into six parts. The first is required with the construction of filter, and aerator rehabilitation, including under drain, media, airwash blower, disinfection, painting and construction allowance. The other five parts are needed including new valves, piping, two new vertical turbine pumps electrical updates and new eyewash and safety shower.

John Graupman P. E. of Bolton & Menk Inc. presented the repairs needed on the aging water treatment plant and tower. Jeff Dale from Rural Water offered advice on the project. Rural Water is one of the possible lenders for the project.

The bid date is May 3rd . The filter will take an estimated 50 days to complete. During that time, the filter will be bypassed but the water will be safe to use. The water will be treated with chlorine but will have a high content of iron and manganese. The rest of the project will be done over a five month period with a few down times of several hours.

The estimated cost is $750,000. It is also highly recommended to inspect the tower and plan on repainting the inside and the outside. That cost is estimated at $300,000. The tower is 22 years old with out maintenance.

The funding that is looked at is for 15 and 20 years. The cost to taxpayers will be known as soon as possible.

The council approved that the plans be sent to the state for approval

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