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April 18, 2013

April 6, 2013
Meeting was called to order by President Curt Kuhl

Secretary report was read and approved (motion made by Tim S & seconded by Jesse K)

No Treasurer report was available for this meeting.

Old Business:

•Tim Strenge is still working on creating a club “business card” with our contact information and pertinent event info.

•Ride schedule cards are done. Tim S will get them to the bars, and bring some to the next meeting for club members to have.

•There is a club event on Saturday, April 20th. Please RSVP to Jess M.

•The Ride for Healing will be coming through SW MN on May 28th with an organized stop in Fulda at the Legion around 3 PM. This will be about a 30 minute stop. The group plans to stay in Slayton that evening. All are invited to ride with them the following day as far as you'd like.

•The Lamberton Church Rally is on Sunday, July 14th at 9 AM. As it gets closer, if a group would like to attend we can set up a meeting place/time.

New Business:

•We've been asked to co-sponsor a night at the Murray County Speedway with the Grain Exchange Tim S. made the motion, seconded by Crystal D. Motion approved.

•The idea to purchase a “brick” for main street Sturgis in the club's name was brought up. The cost is $75. There was not enough interest to get a motion.

•Beginning Experiences of Marshall have a weekend retreat coming up for widowed, divorced and separated individuals. The retreat cost is $150 per person and helps individuals deal with the experience of losing someone in their life. Eldon made a motion to sponsor one person for this event at the cost of $150. Motion was seconded by Marley. Motion was approved.

•The Blessing of the Bikes is coming up on Sunday, May 19th at the Solid Rock Church in Worthington. Services begin at 9 AM. If you are interested in attending and riding as a group, meet at Brians in Fulda at 8 AM.

A motion was made by Dean L and seconded by Crystal D to adjourn the meeting.

Next Meeting will be Saturday, May 4th at the Grain Exchange in Slayton.

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