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April 18, 2013

by Shar Rindfleisch
Dundee was without power from the ice storm Tuesday evening until Saturday around 11:00 am. Some of the residents had generators, some of them stayed with several layers of clothes and some of them found a warm place to go. There are several trees down, which is going to take a lot of time to clean up. Looks like a tornado went through our little town.

I'd like to thank Alliant for working the long days, and Loosbrock Electric for working long days.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Barb Amundson, who is hospitalized in Sioux Falls.

The Dundee First Lutheran Church will have Sunday worship services at 8:30 am.

There will be bible study at the Dundee First Lutheran Church at 2:00 pm on Thursday.

BYOB to the Dundee hotel on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 pm.

Happy Birthday to Christopher Jass on the 17th, Wendy Peterson on the 18th, Alaina Paplow on the 19th, Elizabeth Jackel-Juleen and Jenna Ness on the 21st, Jeromy Peterson on the 22nd, and Nan Johnson and Joel Heger on the 23rd! Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a birthday this week!

Les and Janet Engler were guests at the Myron and Cathy Vonk home from Wednesday until Saturday.

Elsie Gustafson was a guest at the Glenn Gustafson home from Wednesday until Monday.

Rita Mills visited at the Joyce Speth home on Saturday.

Shari Gehl attended the bridal shower for Kayla Robb at Shanna Strowbridge's home in Brooklyn Center.

Duane Gehl visited with Russell Gehl in Cottage Grove on Saturday.

Sadie and Faith Robb, Chippewa Falls are Duane and Shari Gehl's guests for the week.

Thursday evening, James, Robin, Leighton, and Khloe Gehl were supper guests at the Dave and Pat Bos home, Fulda.

Friday, James, Robin, Leighton, and Khloe Gehl were supper guests at the John and Sherri Porth home, Heron Lake.

Sierra Rindfleisch, Erik and Justin Jass were guests at the Burdell and Kaleen Christians home, Fulda, on Wednesday evening.

Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch, Erik and Justin Jass, Maddie Rasche, and Mic Holinka stayed at Jackpot Junction on Thursday and Friday.

Butch and Carol Willford stayed at the Travelodge in Worthington from Thursday until Saturday.

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