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‘South Pacific’ as presented by the Fulda Community Players

April 18, 2013

 Fulda Free Press Darcy Uttech
Fulda Free Press Darcy Uttech
Music by Richard Rodgers - Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

R & H Productions - New York, NY
Once again Kudos go out to Wilma Lindquist and the Fulda Community Players for an excellent performance of “South Pacific” this past weekend.

South Pacific takes place in the 1940’s during World War II on a small island. The military personnel stationed their find themselves neither in the war or out of the war but just on the edge. The cast did a wonderful job portraying the wartime military behavior which guided their every move.

The performance was complete with just the right amount of drama, comedy, and history.

The audience was held in a trance like silence during the love connection of Frenchmen Emile deBecque and nurse Nellie Forbush as well as the fate of Lt. Joseph Cable as he traveled to Bali Hai to save his country.

Capt. Brackett and Comdr. Harbison are thrilled to get one step closer to the action thanks to Lt. Cable ‘project’.

Comic relief was also felt as the audience was kept in stitches with the antics of Luther Billis who bullies, bribes, and charms his way through military life and Bloody Mary who is a trader and seller of goods and is intent on finding an American GI for her daughter, Liat.

Many Fulda and surrounding community residents were relieved to get out of their frozen homes after a long, stormy week to enjoy this wonderful performance thanks to the Fulda Community Players.


Cast members of South Pacific are, left to right, back row; Prompter Mona Henkels, French Nun Heidi Appel, Accompanist Sherri Isder, Dan Uttech, Dean VanOort, Mike Peterson, Theane Pagel, Sheila Crowley, Kole Kramer, Lyndon Funk, John Getting, Todd Peterson, Dale Sandberg and Director Wilma Lindquist. Middle row; Co-Director Margaret Popp, Young native boy Caleb Appel, Mark Knorr, Gabriel Spittle, Jason VanDyke, Levi Spittle, Triana Lavoie, Carlos Meza, Lyle Kramer and Rachel Cheadle. Front row, Kendall Clarke, Myah Holinka, Suzy Pagel, Mallory Pagel, Sariah Cheadle, Lisa Peterson, Jan VanOort and Cheryl Janssen.

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