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Murray County Board of Commissioners

April 18, 2013

Board hires new director at Sunrise Terrace
Murray County is the fiscal agent for the Regional Healthy Homes Rehabilitation Project through the Small Cities Development Program for loans in a nine county area in southwest Minnesota. Jess and Leah Bittner, Lamberton, were approved for a loan for property in Redwood County.

A ditch petition for repairs was granted for County Ditch #67, Section 35, Mason Town-ship.

Breezy Point was approved for a 3.2 malt liquor - “on sale” license.

Authorization was given to purchase a HP Laser Jet Enterprise printer for the auditor-treasurer’s office. This will replace the main office printer that prints tax statements and checks.

A Conditional Use Permit was approved for Chuck Hill to construct a free-stall dairy barn and a lagoon for an existing feedlot for 490 animal units. The property is in Section 7, Leeds Township.

An approval was given, on recommendation of the Planning Commission, for a Conditional Use Permit to the Kluis Farms in Section 28, Fenton Township. The expansion of an existing feedlot included an addition to the total confinement cattle barn with a concrete manure storage pit. The site would be built to hold up to 990 slaughter steers.

Diane Clercx presented the quarterly report of the Murray County Museum. Through a grant the museum now has all the newspapers in filing boxes. Many newspapers are used for research by genealogists and event happenings of the past. Anita Gaul is working on World War I history as it relates to the county. The museum is being readied for the spring and summer events such as opening the log cabin and the Sierk building. Commissioner Dave Thiner was thanked for his time and materials for finishing the electrical work at the Holt House and Conway Construction for repair of stairs to the servant quarters and wainscoting in the bathroom. Tours of Tea are again available for organizations with several scheduled. Also a birthday party will be held at the house.

The board approved the updated version of the job description for the Sunrise Terrace director. Carol Veldhuisen was hired as full time director beginning April 10. She has been a housekeeper at the hospital and Sunrise Terrace for 20 years. The job description for the housekeeper position at Sunrise Terrace, with change made to list up to 20 hours per week for the housekeeper. Advertising will begin immediately.

Jessamy Busman was hired as extension intern. Trent Carlson, Scott Veenhuis and Eric Wieneke were approved for hire as seasonal parks maintenance workers.

Brian Bau was hired as director of End-O-Line Park with a start date of April 15. He is a history major graduating from SMSU this spring.

Transportation financing within the state is an Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) priority issue and the county boards united to send resolutions to the legislators to offer their support for new transportation revenue. They urged a solution to include funding for roads, bridges and transit in all parts of the state.

Commissioner James Jens attended a mutual aid meeting. One of the issues was to purchase a Fit Testing machine that measures oxygen levels in firefighters. It costs about $6,000. The board approved up to $3,000 with matching funds from the fire departments for the machine.

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