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Fulda Elementary Third Graders share Flat Stanley project

April 25, 2013

   Fulda Elementary School third grade students shared what they had learned about many different states through their Flat Stanley projects.  
 Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Fulda Elementary School third grade students shared what they had learned about many different states through their Flat Stanley projects.
By Norma Dittman, Fulda Free Press Staff writer
Flat Stanley is a very popular guy who has traveled far and wide. Last week, the third grade students at Fulda Elementary School shared their adventures with Flat Stanley.

Justin Schroer’s Flat Stanley traveled to Sumter, South Carolina, to visit Justin’s grandpa and grandma. Like any grandparent-grandchild visit, the trip was filled with attending church, and going to WalMart shopping. On this trip, Flat Stanley got to see fields of cotton!

Emily Madison sent her Flat Stanley to Iowa City, Iowa to visit her cousin. Flat Stanley visited her classroom and got to tour the Capitol building.

Ryder Henning sent his Flat Stanley to visit his grandmother in Casper, Wyoming. Flat Stanley had fun seeing herds of elk, a coyote, Wyoming deer and learned about bears. He went to the Grand Tetons in Yellowstone National Park.

Jon Hoy’s Flat Stanley went to relatives in Windom who then took Flat Stanley on a trip to Wausau, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. He learned that Wisconsin is noted for their cheese production and about the Packers, as well as an old game called Curling which is played on ice with a stone. In Chicago, Flat Stanley visited Shedd Aquarium, and saw the famous American Gothic painting by Grant Wood in the Art Institute in Chicago. The painting features an old farmer holding a pitch fork and his spinster daughter. Flat Stanley also saw a display of Flat Stanley books.

Claire Reith sent her Flat Stanley to her great aunt in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa is famous for its many statues. One of the statues that Flat Stanley saw was that of Superman in a telephone booth. He also visited Bama Pie Land which was started in 1937.

Brook Lais’ Flat Stanley traveled to Arlington, Texas, but when he arrived there, he really wasn’t feeling well. Brooke’s relative took him to the hospital where she works as a nurse and they put a heart monitor on Flat Stanley. Eventually, he got to feeling better and then went to Ft. Worth, Texas which is know for it long horn cattle and Farmer’s Markets. Flat Stanley had to do laundry while in Ft. Worth, but when he returned to Arlington, he got to see the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

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