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Murray County Board of Commissioners Consensus reached on CD#22

April 25, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal, Staff Writer
The Murray County Board of Commissioners met on April 16. The morning was spent taking action on the items of the agenda.

The board then recessed until after the noon break and held a public informational meeting on County Ditch #22 repairs in Section 13, Shetek Township. There has been an ongoing dispute over the number of acres used for a drainage ditch in the area and the berm along the ditch. After a lengthy discussion a consensus was reached. 1. Cooreman Contracting will clean the open ditch in Section 13, south of 211th Street on the west side of the ditch and build a berm in this area. The cost will be paid by the ditch system. 2. A berm will be built on the south side of the ditch and a surface water pipe installed also paid by the ditch system. 3. The buffer strips in Section 13 will be re-established. Duane Campbell and John Meyer will provide the equipment and labor to dig, plant and pack the seed. The system will pay for the seed. The boundaries of the buffer strip will be marked. If the boundaries are encroached upon, the landowner will be responsible to re-establish the grass strip at their expense.

The Murray County Board of Commissioners approved one ditch petition for repair on County Ditch #32, Section 34, Holly Township.

The final payment of $4,000 was made on the carpet in the sheriff’s office addition.

RCRCA has recommended an increase of county support of 25 percent. The increase must be approved by 100 percent of the counties to take effect. Auditor/treasurer Heidi Winter said the $810 for Murray County was reasonable for the county to handle within the budget. Commissioner Robert Moline said there has not been an increase in 12 years and he had recommended a smaller increase each year and over a five year period. The benefits to the county are rock intakes, water quality and low interest septic loans. The county contribution would be $4,050.

The Sundquist family of Lake Sarah Township donated property to increase the size of West Lake Sarah Park with the stipulation the park would be renamed. The parks department recommended the name be changed to Sundquist Park at West Lake Sarah. On Saturday, June 8 the name will be officially changed with a dedication program. Eight campsites are available, nature trails other amenities including a large parking area.

The board approved up to $2,500 for the addition of possibly two sand volleyball courts at Seven Mile Lake Park at Fulda. If the cost is more than the $2,500 the cost will be offset through private donations and installation will begin after private donations are secured.

Justin Hoffman, parks director was asked to obtain estimates for repair or rebuilding of the dam at Avoca.

A resolution was signed requesting presidential public assistance to help with recent ice storm damage.

Jan Voit presented the annual update of the Heron Lake Watershed District. The purpose of HLWD is the implementation of Best Management Practices and Education. HLWD has the ability to levy and apply for grants for the various projects. In 2012 they received nine grants for replacing tile intakes, conservation tillage demonstration plot, Heron Lake sediment reduction demonstration project, rain gardens in Fulda, cover crop demonstration project, feedlot inventory, climate and sustainable corn-based systems, streambank stabilization, low interest loans for septic system replacement, and J-hook weir streambank stabilization. HLWD received an environmental initiative award for the restoration of Fulda Lake project. New grants in 2013 are HLWD Aquatic-Upland Prairie Restoration and shoreline restoration - DNR Aquatic Habitat Program Grant. There will be a meeting on April 23 at 7:00 a.m. in the Farmer’s Room at the Nobles County Government center to discuss aquatic invasive species.

Les Heen, Pioneer Public TV, reported a grant from USDA had been received to add an additional tower between Appleton and Chandler. The Pioneer Guide will continue to be printed at Page I in Slayton. Programs of local interest are Postcards recently featuring the End-O-Line Park and can be viewed on or YouTube. The Dakota conflict is on line. On May 19, Lake Shetek, Pipestone National Monument and Jeffers Hieroglyphics are included in Great Minnesota Parks.

AAA Striping Service, St. Michael, MN, submitted the low bid of $87,680 for striping half of the county roads. A contract was signed with Sweetman Sand & Gravel for gravel crushing. Randy Groves said the county should be looking for other sites in the near future. A contract was approved with Duninck Inc. for overlay projects.

There will be a bid opening on May 21 at l0:30 a.m. for a bridge and grading project on CSAH 21. Completion date is September 27, 2013.

Commissioner Dave Thiner was concerned about the broken trees on St. Paul Avenue, Fulda and whose responsibility it was to trim them. The board agreed to have the trees trimmed by Scott Peschges as soon as possible for safety of passers-by.

Jim Reinert, emergency management, presented a Presidential Disaster Declaration Resolution to apply for funds for the recent ice storm clean up. The impact statement included closed schools, effects on businesses and power companies, etc. The county may be reimbursed for equipment costs.

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