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Larson inducted into Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame

May 2, 2013

Eldon Larson (L) was inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame located in Chatfield, Minnesota, on Saturday evening. 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
Eldon Larson (L) was inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame located in Chatfield, Minnesota, on Saturday evening.
By Norma Dittman
Although he has a long list of of impressive archery accomplishments to his name, Eldon Larson never dreamed that he would receive the phone call that he answered just a few short weeks ago. During that phone call, he learned that he was to be inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 27th, at the Pope and Young Museum, Chatfield, MN.

Five archers were inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame during the event: Larson, Cliff Zwickey (posthumously), Marlene Odahlen-Hinz, Julene Hakl, and Wes Hagemeyer (posthumously). It was the fifth Induction Ceremony for the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame, and the first to be held at the museum’s new location in Chatfield.

Larson joins other inductees who include Victoria Cook, Allan Muller, and Robert Rohde, who were inducted in 1997; Earle Goodrich Lee, Evelyn (Estervog) Mori-Kubo, Bruce Mori-Kubo, Ernie Henkel and Jim Ploem, who were inducted in 1999; Bob Barrie, Michelle (Sanderson) Ragsdale, Myles Keller, Willard (Buck) Doran and Dr. James Shuert, inducted in 2001; and 2003 inductees: Robert Kadlec, Arlyne Rhode, Same Fudenberg, Clealo Wanamaker and Ron Carlson.

To his name, Larson has 27 State Championships, six Midwest Championships (Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri); one North American Championship (U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico); one Gold Medal at Senior Games; one Second and two Third Places at Nationals; nine state record scores; one North American record score; five whitetail deer that make the record book, plus many more; two mule deer; two black bear; and two wild turkeys.

As a young teen, Larson had a very strong desire to learn to be an archer. He began shooting at the age of 14 using willow or green ash branches as his bows. His first store-bought bow was made of hickory and had a 45 pound pull.

“When I first started shooting, I knew nothing about it at all. In fact, I was trying to shoot with the arrow on the wrong side of the bow,” Larson said. “One day, the neighbor stopped by and asked me if I knew Bob Barrie. Bob was three years older than I and lived not far away from us. In those days, freshman didn’t just walk up to a senior and talk to them. But the neighbor had said that Bob would be able to give me some pointers, so I made the effort and visited with Bob and he asked me to come to his house that evening. We’ve been friends ever since. He was the one who introduced me during the Induction Ceremony.” To read the rest of this article - pick up a copy of this weeks Fulda Free Press or subscribe to our eedition at

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