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May 10, 2013

by Darcy Uttech
50 years ago

Thursday, May 9, 1963

Sharon Modlin and Roland Nelson were united in marriage on Saturday, May 4th at the First Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Phyllis Cutts and Richard Cutts from London, England are visiting Mrs. Marvin Yackley in Fulda.

Mrs. Ray Kramer was honored at a Pink and Blue shower for her twin sons, Timmy and Jimmy on Thursday evening.

Harold Sanhurst suffered a painful accident Tuesday afternoon, when he was running a skill saw and slipped and split his leg open above the knee. Sutures were needed on the inner muscles as well as the outer knee.

LaDonna Comnick was honored at a bridal shower on Sunday. LaDonna is to marry PFC James Hochstein on June 1st.

Patricia Haberman was honored with a shower on Friday evening. Miss Haberman will be married to Philip Anderson on June 1st.

Elaine Johnson was honored with a bridal shower on Saturday. Miss Johnson will be married to Charles Burns, Jr on June 15th.

Frank and Glenn Freetly attended the funeral of their cousin Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward V. Vollmer, 49, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack on April 27th.

Mr. Fred Wolf had the misfortune of breaking a bone in his leg last Thursday, while he was digging a ditch and dirt caved in on him.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grothe are the parents of a son born on May 2nd in Worthington.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Christopherson are the parents of a son, Dean Elroy, born April 26th in Slayton.

30 years ago

Thursday, May 12, 1983

Fulda School Board election will be held on Tuesday, May 17th. Local School Board hopefuls include Barb Bunkers, Rick Goedtke, Voris Spittle and Michael Stewart.

The Miss Fulda Pageant will be held on Monday with the following candidates Lisa Lenards, Tammy Beckman, Sonja Hakeneis, Wendy Reese, Steffany Anderson, Lisa Czepa and Kristi Stewart.

Roger Lee Gerber has been selected to attend Boys State by the Emil King Unit 318 American Legion Unit.

A Murray County Severe Weather Clinic will be held on Tuesday, May 17th at the Slayton Fire Department Fire Hall.

A one car accident early Sunday morning on Highway 59 north of Fulda sent Kevin Like and his passenger, Kimberly Barstad to the Worthington Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dekker announce the birth of a daughter, Sara Lynn born April 29th. Grandparents include Mr. and Mrs. John Dekker and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bouwman.

Susan Hartlep and David Jarvis announce their engagement. A June 18th wedding date is set.

Fulda girls track team remains unbeaten as the rolled up 100 points to finish ahead of the field in the Arrow Relays at Pipestone.

Mathilda Lohse passed away at the age of 92 years old on April 27th.

Rose M. Fried passed away on May 4th at the age of 90 years old.

Alvena K. Burning passed away on May 4th at the age of 90 years old.

John J. Schwab passed away on April 28th at the age of 88 years old.

Alfred A. Heintz passed away on Saturday morning, April 30th at the age of 77 years old.

20 years ago

Wednesday, May 12, 1993

Weather turned dreary on Friday afternoon with turbulent atmospheric conditions blending together for disastrous weather. Sirens sounded in Chandler at 5:50 when a tornado was spotted northwest of the city. The Murray county Sheriffs Department said there were three tornados touch downs in the county.

Heavy rains in the area included 7 inches by Talcot causing the water to flow with tremendous force on Saturday morning.

In the Fulda area 4 inches of rain fell leaving some homes underwater. It was the worse flooding seen in the city since 1991.

The Fulda Fire Department responded to the home of Fred and Diane Zemler at 2:30 am Saturday morning where they found that the furnace partially under water had come on burning out the motor and filling the house with smoke.

High winds on Wednesday afternoon led to a garbage fire spreading to a pile of old tires at the Lynn Behr farm site. The Fulda Fire Department was called and got the flames under control.

The City of Fulda and Interstate Power Company re-installed a storm siren near Highway 59 south last Thursday, just in time for the summer storm season. The siren had been taken down earlier for repairs.

Jerry and Shar Ebbers were honored as Friends of Education by the Fulda Education Association.

Lena Schwartz, 99, passed away on May 2nd.

Gerald Walter, 67, passed away on May 4th.

Dawn Schwebach and Michael Kunerth announce their engagement. The couple plan an August 14th wedding.

Miss Fulda Candidates include Anna Klein, Julie Olsem, Christy Ebbers, Allyson Baumgard and Tanya Weishalla.

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