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May 10, 2013

by Linda Beerman
" And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you he shall not lose his reward." Matthew 10:42

What about a glass of cold milk? Would that work to be a blessing?

One evening last week, a sunny evening at that, we decided to fire up the grill for the first time this spring. One of the perks of raising cattle is having our own butchered beef, so we chose two T-bones from the freezer. Add a tossed lettuce salad and some hot buttered toast, and we had a very tasty meal. We enjoyed it thoroughly, and were just chatting about the pretty day, when suddenly, we noticed a small, dusty car coming up our lane. Neither of us recognized who it could be.

The car stopped in front of the garage, and the occupant seemed to be paging through a large stack of papers or something similar. As he approached the screen door, I met him and said hello. He explained that he had an aerial picture of our farm that he would like to show us. I told him we already had one, with a winter scene, but he announced that this one was taken in the summer! He was a friendly, young man, and about the age of our own "children". I could sense his eagerness to show us the photograph, so I decided to invite him in. As Dan and I moved our dinner plates aside, I explained that we had just finished eating so please excuse the mess. I half-heartedly pointed to a serving plate with half a T-bone on it, and asked him if he needed some supper. His eyes widened, and he said, “You're kidding, could I eat that?" I assured him that he indeed could, if he wanted it. Immediately he pulled out a chair, sat down, took hold of the plate, and made himself at home at our table! When I asked him if he wanted a piece of toast too, he agreed right away.

When I brought the buttered toast to him, it took him only a split second to make himself a steak sandwich! After he finished a mouthful, he asked us if we knew how rare this was. He said one time a lady offered him a drink of cold water, but this had never happened. I questioned him then, "Would you like some water now?" He said no, that this was just fine. Then it struck me that I had fresh cold milk. Right from the cow! When I inquired if he would like some of that, he shrieked! "Are you---------ing me?? I haven't had that since I was a kid on my grandpa's farm! "

I wish you could have seen him drink that milk down. It was almost funny, but his appreciation was glaring. He really was thankful for the meal, no matter how spontaneous it was. By this time he realized why he had come. He began showing us the picture and frame. Every couple minutes, after we would ask some questions, he would give us another "deal". In the end, even though neither of us could believe we did it, we ended up purchasing the picture! Now we have one of summer and winter! Probably enough for the rest of our farming lives.

Through our half hour or so of visiting, we found out he lived near Winona, over the river on the Wisconsin side. I told him I had gone to college there, and I knew the little town he lived in. After he showed us a picture of his stepdaughter, he decided it was still prime time for his work, so we said our goodbyes and he was on his way to another sale...maybe? We've had many chuckles about this over the past week, but it still amazes us how these crazy things can just happen out of nowhere. Keep your eyes open and your heart just never know when a new friend may appear!

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