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May 15, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
We may have had our last frost warning, maybe, for this spring. The lawn mowing has started and a good share of the crop is now in the ground. There will be considerable twig mulching this spring. It seems like there is small branches falling every time the wind blows.

Graduation for many of our young adults is here. It may have seemed a long slow journey that is now here with a rush. The future is yours to navigate and conquer. Your dreams will begin to take shape and the hard work will make it a reality. The best of luck with your chosen path.

My tulips are ready to bloom this week and the wind doesn't shred them will look decent. I like the flower because its one of the first big flowers to open on the on Spring's big stage with a great show then steps back and folds up shop, resting till next spring.the rest of the has several acts going on at any given time. So this week we will give tulips their due.

Several years ago the idea of same sex marriage was not a likely thing in Minnesota. This week every thing has changed with Governor Mark Dayton making it the law. It wasn't a landslide of votes that made the difference but it was not a close vote either.


The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work. - ROBERT FROST -


Ole's word to the wise: "Never take a memory course from a guy who has his pants on backwards."


Have a good week.

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