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May 15, 2013

by Shar Rindfleisch
I hope every Mom had a great Mother's Day. Children are so precious. It makes me so thankful to be a Mom.

Reminder to be careful. The farmers are getting started in the field.

Happy Birthday to Sharlene Anderson, Mark Versteg, and Jeanne Koopman on the 17th, Corey Boehnke and Darcy Uttech on the 18th, my niece, Brianna Bogenhagen on the 19th, Lois Larson, Ted Vandenbosch, and Myron Vonk on the 19th, Dawn Smith on the 20th!

Congratulations to Stacie Gustafson! She graduated from Mankato State last weekend!

Sunday worship services at the Dundee First Lutheran Church are at 8:30 am. Everyone is welcome.

Bible study at the Dundee First Lutheran Church is Thursday at 2:00.

Doug Engler, Fridley, visited at the Les and Janet Engler home on Friday evening.

Sunday, Amy, Craig, Brianna, Angel, and Mason Gertsema, Slayton, visited at the Les and Janet Engler home.

Bill Leopold, Willmar, and Bruce Rindfleisch, Austin, visited at the Joyce Speth home on Thursday.

Kevin Henkel, Bloomington, and Jeff Henkels, Crystal, were guests at the Clara Henkels home on Friday.

Bruce and Tammy Boerst, Dundee, Wally and Midge Johlfs, Fulda, were Sunday dinner guests at the Todd Hemmen and Mary Hemmen home, rural Dundee.

Ken and Nancy Gustafson, Warsaw, were guests at the Elsie Gustafson home on Thursday.

Connie Staton, Goodhue, Janet Gustafson and Crystal Gustafson, Rochester, were guests at the Elsie Gustafson home Friday through Sunday.

Taryn Smith and Joshua Earhart Goodhue, were guests at the Elsie Gustafson home Saturday and Sunday.

Sierra and Sharlotte Rindfleisch visited at the Josh and Kasey Konrady home on Monday evening.

Mykil Vonk and Doug Engler visited with Shar Rindfleisch at the Dundee Steakhouse on Saturday morning.

Kristin and Kallie Hovland, Heron Lake, Sheila Crowley and Kaleen Christians, Fulda, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the SWU baseball game in Heron Lake on Tuesday.

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