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Murray County Board of Commissioners - Surplus equipment to be sold on eBay

May 15, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
Juanita Lauritsen and Mary Mulder presented the 2012 annual report of The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council. Mulder gave an overview of Murray County and meets with the clients every Tuesday at the Human Services building. She assists with job preparation, skills, etc. on a 1-1 basis. She stressed they have to work in order to get a monetary allowance. Lauritsen said the funding for programs due to sequestration will have an impact as they have already laid off staff. Youth activities and services and displaced workers programs may see major cuts for funding.

Ditch petitions were approved for Judicial Ditch #10, Section 13, Slayton Township and JD #14 - Section 17, Leeds Township. A lateral and outlet to be added to the Ditch #35 was also approved on the recommendation of Kurt Deter and appointed Duane Hansel as the engineer.

Teryjon Aviation was awarded the contract for the open ditch spraying. All the open ditches will be sprayed at a cost of $15,115.50 with exception of those in which the landowner requests not to spray. The aviation company has worked with the county for a number of years.

Jon Bloemendaal invited the board to a tour at the Lyon County Southwest Sanitation facility in Marshall on May 14. This is a single stream recycling facility. He was given permission to sign a contract with SEH engineering firm to monitor the landfill and do quality water testing.

Commissioner David Thiner was appointed to the Regional EMS board.

It has been recommended to place a water softening system at the government center at a cost of $3,995.00 plus installation by a plumber. The system is a metered, alternating duplex softening system. The quote was accepted from Culligan Water Conditioning.

The board approved an application from Fulda for a fireworks display during Wood Duck Days in June.

Betsy Plotz, Arl Weinrebe and Renee Logan visited with the board regarding the sale of excess dietary equipment and the CT scanner module building. The hospital will be vacating the Legends building June l. The board agreed to sell the surplus items on eBay. A minimum for the CT building was set and will be sold through a modular building supplier. They were also given permission to add other items that the hospital will no longer be needed after the remodeling is complete.

A policy was updated to include language requiring background checks on all positions in the county departments. An agreement was signed with McDowell Agency to conduct the background checks.

The board approved a part time museum curator, up to eight hours a week - seasonal, to research and determine proper placement of donated objects at the End-O-Line Park and the Historical Society museum.

Paige Roberts, Sarah Wasberg, Crystal Van Iperen, Lissa Carlson and Haley Bose were hired as End-O-Line Tour guides. Sam Beech was hired as seasonal park employee.

A resolution was signed requesting the Minnesota Department of Transportation to do a speed zone study and make a recommendation for a safe posted speed on Highway 30 west of Slayton. Schmitz Grain has a construction project in the area and there is potential for an increase in truck/tractor traffic from the city limits to Highway #267.

This is not the first time the request had been made. The City of Slayton also made the request for the study.

Approval was given to Central Specialties to open a gravel pit, stockpile aggregate materials and to mix asphalt production in Section 13, Belfast Township. There were eight special conditions added to the permit. The permit includes maintaining the road, sloping the banks, proper drainage, relation of the site within one year from excavation completions, etc.

Dan Hanson applied and was granted a permit to operate a new feedlot to house 2,400 finishing hogs in Section 20, Moulton Township. The 10 acre site meets requirements for placement from other buildings. Trees are to be added.

Randy Groves and Lisa Saner presented the annual report of the highway department. The county has 340 miles of CSAH roads, 14 miles of County city roads and 57 miles of county roads.

A culvert 10 feet wide or more is considered among the 190 bridges in the county and townships. There are 20 employees in the department who are doing the best with the money available.

A contract was signed with AAA Striping to stripe the east half of the county roads. Two purchases were made for the department, a Magnetic locator and a digital four foot level. Groves said the crew is crack filling the roads at this time and road postings go off on May 10.

Justin Hoffman and Josh Schafer asked if the county would be willing to forego the $1,000 per admission for the Salute to Agriculture on June 28. Admission is free for the event and is sponsored by the Pork Producers, Dairy Association, Corn Growers, and Soybean Growers. Pork chops on a stick, the malt stand, cars with biodiesel and ethanol will be featured. There will also be a hot rod race. This night is the only race in Minnesota that includes all commodities, Schafer said. July 12 is Vendor Night.

Ten new picnic tables were purchased for the parks department.

Hoffman presented a document of bylaws for the fair grounds recommended by the fair advisory committee.

Nancy Pieske gave a report of the extension staff conference she recently attended.

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