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June 27, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
One of the joys of a wet year, if that is what it is, is the continual grass mowing. In a few weeks I will have a rain garden that will recycle my runoff from the eves and sump pump. It will give us about 180 square feet more of flowers. There will also be 180 square feet less mowing each time or three to five thousand sq. ft. over the season. Call it lazy or whatever but it makes sense to me. Too much grass seems like a waste of space and time that good be better filled with flowers that return each year with minimal work.

I also set up a rain barrel for the garage roof that should almost guarantee that it won't rain again and I will have to water my rain garden. There will be little chance for rain in the coming week or around the Fourth of July. This weekend should be dry for all those projects that have been rained out.

* * *

It's a hot summer day and Jake and Harry are in a ditch digging away. Meanwhile, Ralph is up under the shade of a tree sipping on a cool drink. Jake asks Harry, "Why are we down here digging in the hot Sun while Ralph is being cool up there?" Harry says, "I don't know, I'll go ask him". Harry goes up and asks Ralph, "Why are you up here in the shade drinking a cool drink and Jake and I are in the ditch digging in the hot sun?" Ralph says, "'cause I've got smarts". "What's that? Asks Harry. Ralph puts his hand in front of the tree and says, "Hit my hand as hard as you can". Harry swings his fist at Ralph’s hand, Ralph moves his hand and Harry hits the tree, hurting his hand. Ralph, says "I knew to pull my hand away, that’s called having smarts". Harry goes back in the ditch and Jake asks, "What did he say?" Ralph says, "Its cause he has smarts." "What's that? Asks Jake. Harry puts his hand in front of his face and says. "Hit my hand!"

* * *

Life is like a mirror, if you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting.

* * *

Have a good week.

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