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July 11, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
The Fourth is behind us, but Labor Day will be here quickly. The fireworks on the fourth around the lakes rivaled the festival in June. Having a week without rain is different this year, but its good to see the grass slow down

The fear of having the price of gas go up for the holiday is over. The reason varies but the old supply and demand theory seems to be popular. I didn't have much driving to do so I'm happy to have contributed to the effort to of keeping a lid on it. I was thinking it just automatically went up for those holidays that may require some travel. We are paying $3.39 or a little less which is not as painful as that four dollar stuff.

I spent last weekend searching out the cooler spots. Work on any of the current projects was slowed considerably and free weekends are becoming scarce. There are seven weekends left this summer and four are full. Progress was limited to mornings only with the rest of the day spent on cooler fun things that provided little gain on the projects. My history with these things hasn't been good. The rain barrel project ended the possibility of getting sufficient rain the rest of the year.

This is a big week in Murray County starting with Crazy Day on Thursday in Slayton and the Draft Horse Show for two big days Saturday and Sunday. Nobles County celebrates the 20th annual International Festival Friday night and all day Saturday. The city of Edgerton has their Dutch Festival this Friday and Saturday with everything from Dueling Pianos to Bull Riding. Next week we can prepare ourselves for Christmas in July at Adrian. Enjoy them all.

* * *

Ole is getting to be quite a conspiracy buff. His latest theory is that Lincoln wasn’t assassinated, but just had the wind knocked out of him.

* * *

Have a good week.

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