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Murray County Board of Commissioners

Cattle barn at fairgrounds to be restored

July 11, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
The Murray County Board of Commissioners awarded the bid to repair the boiler at the government center to Mike’s Plumbing and Heating of Slayton. The local business bid was $936.25. compared to the $3,500 of an earlier bid.

A conditional use permit was awarded to Levi Ossefoort to expand an existing feedlot by constructing a total confinement swine barn to house 2,400 head. After construction and expansion, the site would have 2,400 head swine and 55 beef cows. The permit is for two years with four special conditions. The barn will be located in Section 32, Moulton Township.

On recommendation of the zoning and planning commission, the board approved a conditional use permit for Tony Krant to expand the use of the property in Section 12 Leeds Township to include a construction office and workshop; retail of construction materials and goods and storage and sales of farm related goods. No special conditions were added.

CEO Mark Johnson updated the commissioners on the Lincoln/Pipestone Rural Water organization. The goal of the system is “to enhance the quality of life for the people in the Southwest Minnesota area by acquiring and providing reliable, high quality, affordable water in an environmentally responsible manner through a publicly owned system.”

The communities of Round Lake and Wilmont are in the process of being added bringing the total communities served to 36. The area covered by LPRW is 100 miles long by 60 miles wide and serves portions of 10 counties. Drinking water is purchased from Osceola Rural Water System and from 23 wells. Johnson said it’s a battle for water sources, however they are continuing to expand water sources.

Commissioner Robert Moline reported on the extension meeting he recently attended. The agenda focused on nutrition and providing food for people in the area. It was stated that 45,000 people are below the poverty level in southwest Minnesota. Over 38,000 do not know where their food is coming from, he said. Discussion of how to better serve the disadvantaged by more distribution areas may be possible.

Josh Schafer, racing association representative, stated the tile appears to be working on the race track. The track needs more dirt and should have some added every year. He presented some costs for the black dirt that is needed. The board approved adding about 200 yards of dirt this year of the 100 yards needed each year. All materials for the front wall are ready to be put in place and about $900 has been spent for lighting this year.

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