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Library to Use GPS Devices for the Great Book Hunt Event

July 18, 2013

For all teens going into grades 7 to 12
The Fulda Memorial Library is calling all teens going into grades 7 to 12 to join in the Great Book Hunt Summer 2013 scavenger hunt on Tuesday night, July 30, at 7 pm at the library. The scavenger hunt will be using Garmin GPS units to track down Book Hunt puzzle pieces hidden in locations nearby the library. The GPS units are provided for the library's use through SAMMIE (SW Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange). The scavenger hunt is a culmination of the reading teens have done during June and July to earn a free t-shirt. But even if teens haven't been participating in the library reading program, they are still welcome to come and hunt for Book Hunt puzzle pieces.

The Great Book Hunt scavenger hunt will begin at the Fulda Library at 7 pm on Tuesday, July 30. Teens will be divided into teams and each team will use a Garmin GPS unit from SAMMIE to track down six puzzle pieces at six different locations. All the pieces will be within walking distance from the library. Teens should be sure to wear comfy walking shoes! Once teams have located all of their puzzle pieces, they will race back to the library to be the first team to have found their pieces and correctly assembled them into a completed puzzle. Every participant will be rewarded with ice cream sundaes and all the toppings. But the winning team members will each receive a “Beneath the Surface” summer reading backpack and a $10 gift certificate to Antonio's in Fulda.

Also, for those who have been doing the Book Hunt reading program throughout June and July, be sure to turn in your Book Hunt sheets. If the Book Hunt t-shirts are not claimed by those who have finished the sheets, anyone who has done any reading on their sheet will be entered into a drawing to win the unclaimed t-shirts. Stop by the library to see these awesome Book Hunt t-shirts on display! T-shirts have been generously provided by a grant from SAMMIE.

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