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Fulda FCCLA Chapter members compete in National STAR Events

July 18, 2013

Chapter members 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
Chapter members
Nashville, TN
Departing on July 4 from Mankato, the twenty-member group from the Fulda FCCLA Chapters headed for Nashville, TN to compete in National Level STAR Events. Accompanying them was the chapter adviser, Marcine Elder and two chaperones, Paul Kenney and Jen Tiesler.

Our group joined 7,000 other members and adults for the meeting that featured competition, workshops, and general sessions with great speakers. The MN state officers set a goal to earn the Ultimate Image Award given to the state delegation that displayed the most positive image. All of the 180 members and adults sported red, white and blue head gear at the opening session. Everyone in attendance recognized the MN delegation!!!! However, the Colorado delegation earned the award, but the MN delegates had fun.

The members learned about the new national outreach project for the next two years, Autism Speaks and the continued effort to end childhood hunger, Share Our Strength. These two projects will be the focus areas for projects this upcoming year.

All the MN delegates cheered loudly when they learned that a member from MN had been elected as a National Officer. This is the fourth year in a row that we have had a member elected. Olivia Wickland from Litchfield is the new Vice President of Competitive Events.

Nine entries of 19 members competed along with 3,600 other members on Monday and Tuesday of last week. When the awards were presented on Thursday morning, five groups had earned gold medals and four earn silver awards. The gold medal winners were: Matt Kunerth & Maddie Kaufman, Taylor Kenney, Claire Westra, Randi Tiesler & Allison Kenney and Courtney Zins, Courtney Heppler and Tatym Zins. Silver medal winners are: Kelsey Heppler, Taylor Schettler, Ruth Cheadle, & Siera Steiner, Christine Salentiny, Katelyn Renneke & Sophia Spittle, and Bailey Onken & Nicole Sauer.

State President Elect, Marissa Kunerth, served on the MN voting delegate team and also helped the other state officers lead the MN state meetings. Olivia Baerenwald also attended and along with Paul Kenney served as event judges. Mrs. Elder assisted the National STAR Event team to serve as the display consultant coordinating 17 different events.

These FCCLA members spent May and June fundraising and were able to earn one-half of the funds needed. The individual students paid the remaining money needed.

The entire delegation extends our thanks to the school board, administration and the entire Fulda Community for continued support of the FCCLA activities and projects.

Fulda FCCLA Chapter members attending the National Convention include; front row, Sophie Spittle, Kaitlyn Renneke, Claire Westra, Randi Tiesler, Kelsey Heppler, and Nicole Sauer. Second row; Kristine Salentiny, Ruth Cheadle, Tatym Zins, Courtney Heppler, Maddie Kaufman, and Marissa Kunerth. Third row; Sierra Steiner, Taylor Schettler, Bailey Onken, and Olivia Baerenwald. Back row; Allison Kenney, Matt Kunerth and Taylor Kenney.

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