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Williams Family ready for the Nobles County Fair

August 7, 2013

	Evan Williams  
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
Evan Williams
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
Laura Williams 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
FULDA FREE PRESS/Submitted Photo
Laura Williams
By Norma Dittman
Excitement, and anticipation of the week to come, has been mounting at the Kerry and Jana Williams home near Brewster, MN, as their three children, Laura, Evan, and Isaac, prepare for this week’s Nobles County Fair and 4-H judging day on Wednesday.

Daughter Laura, who has been a 4-H member since third grade, is entering a photo of a horse as a Photography project. She is also entering a Vegetable Box for judging.

Throughout the years in 4-H, Laura has always entered projects at fair time in photography, indoor gardening, vegetable box, and crafts. She has shown swine and ducks and has been involved with her club’s projects. She has attended Minnesota State Fair seven years with distinctive projects.

Laura graduated from Fulda High School in May. With 9 years of membership in the Nobles County 4-H program, she said, “As a 4-H member, you grow as a person. You learn to talk to older people and to interact with other kids. 4-H takes some of your good qualities and helps you develop them.”

“4-H is definitely something that every kid should try out. The Minnesota State Fair experience is the most fun of all. At State Fair you get to meet other people from other counties and there are fun activities to be involved in,” Laura stated. “Another good thing about 4-H is that you get to do as much, or as little, as you want to do.”

Laura is serving the Fulda community as Miss Fulda for the 2013-2014 year. She has attended many area parades throughout the summer for town celebrations.

During high school, Laura was active in Future Farmers of America, Business Professionals of America, basketball, track, marching band, choir, and was a member of the stage crew for the community play.

She will be attending Southeast Technical College, Sioux Falls, SD, to earn a degree in business.

Laura’s brother, Evan, will be a sophomore this year at Fulda High School. He became a member of Nobles County 4-H during the summer just prior to entering fifth grade.

His 4-H projects of choice have been wood shop, outdoor gardening (including landscaping), vegetables, poultry and swine. Some of his wood shop projects have included making items for his family’s farm yard including a teeter totter and an archway that holds a two-person swing. These items have been incorporated into the family’s yard and flower landscaping.

This year at the Nobles County Fair, Evan is showing market turkeys in poultry. He is also entering a landscaping project, and has prepared to judge with a wood shop project.

“In 4-H I have learned how to talk to other people. It makes me feel like I am in a business environment because I have learned a lot about cattle, and chickens, and vegetables,” Evan stated. “My favorite project is vegetables because that has brought me the most success.”

“4-H has been a really great learning experience for me. I feel that being a part of 4-H will be a benefit when I start entering the employment part of my life,” he continued.

At Fulda High School, evan is involved in basketball, track, FFA, and knowledge bowl.

The youngest of the three children, Isaac, has been in 4-H since his third grade year. He will be a seventh grader this year at Fulda High School.

Isaac enjoys working with several different 4-H projects including potatoes, vegetables, pig, and poultry. He stated that he knows more vegetables, but believes that his favorite project was when he showed pigs.

This year at fair, Isaac is showing potatoes, a market pen of turkeys, a vegetable box in vegetable gardening, and a shop project.

“In poultry, I usually show Rhode Island Reds, but this year, I’m doing turkeys,” Isaac explained. “For potatoes, we planted them with a potato planter, and I've weeded them and tilled them. We also used an old potato plow that goes behind the tractor to plow them. The potato project requires that the box of potatoes be the same size and same shape. I did get Grand Champion with the potatoes before.”

Over the weekend, Isaac was looking forward to gathering the vegetables for his display box for the vegetable gardening project. He thoroughly explained how he would be putting his box together for Wednesday’s judging.

“Being in 4-H is fun. You get to do a lot of different things and learn from them,” Isaac said. “You talk to other 4-H members about their projects and what they do and you also learn to talk to the judges and listen to them.”

When asked about their interest in the 4-H program, mom Jana said, “Kerry grew up as a 4-H member. That is where he learned so much about vegetable gardening and it is why we own and operate Williams Produce. His mother has been very involved with the 4-H program; and has been a judge for many years. Because Kerry has such a busy schedule, I am the wings behind the children with their projects. It’s a wonderful program.”

Members of the Graham Lake Braves, the Williams family has been in charge of the club banner, flowers and scare crow that are displayed each year at the Nobles County Fair.

Be sure to look for Laura’s and Evan’s and Isaac’s 4-H projects as you take in the sights and delights at this year’s Nobles County Fair!

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