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Frank’ee, the K-9 Cop,

August 7, 2013

   Nobles County K-9 cop, Frank’ee, is pictured above with his partner Deputy Dustin Roemeling.  
Nobles County K-9 cop, Frank’ee, is pictured above with his partner Deputy Dustin Roemeling.
welcomed to the Nobles County Sheriff’s Department
The Nobles County Sheriff’s Department has welcomed a new K-9 among their ranks. Frank’ee (pronounced Frankie) was purchased by the department with donated funds from the public and money raised at local fund raisers. Frank’ee was brought “home” to the department three weeks ago by his partner Deputy Dustin Roemeling following a training program. Frank’ee is a fifteen month old Belgian Malinois. This breed is similar to a German Shepherd but are a smaller build and are generally more agile and have more energy because of the smaller build. Frank’ee is training to be a dual purpose K-9 working to earn certification in tracking and drug apprehension. To earn his certification he will have to prove he is proficient in obedience, pass several agility requirements, be proficient in suspect and article search and be proficient in bite work (apprehending a suspect while doing the least amount of injury possible as well as remaining focused on a target even when gunfire may occur).

Current K-9 Chase has been the companion, protector and partner of Deputy Roemeling for the last three years and Chase has been a member of the Nobles County Sheriff’s Department for nine years. Deputy Roemeling stated “Chase is still working the road until Frank’ee is certified.” Deputy Roemeling estimates that will be in approximately two months for his first certification, he will get his drug certification later in the year after Detective Roemeling works with him on additional training.

Like any law enforcement tool, a police K-9 is important in reducing injuries to officers, innocent third parties and even suspects. Chase has been an asset to the department during his nine years of duty as Deputy Roemeling stated last year when fund raising began to purchase Frank’ee. “Chase has been crucial in finding and keeping drugs out of schools and off the streets these past nine years and he has had hundreds of successful tracks.” Once he earns his certification Frank’ee will go on the road as Deputy Roemeling’s partner and Chase will enjoy a much earned life of leisure savoring his couch time at the home of Deputy Roemeling. Frank’ee will also be a resident at the Roemeling home.

Meanwhile Frank’ee will continue to train with Deputy Roemeling working for his certification and the start of his career on the road. When discussing Frank’ee’s personality Deputy Roemeling commented “Frank’ee is a social, friendly and energetic dog, he loves to meet the public. If you see Frank’ee and I out in our cruiser give us a wave Frank’ee would love to meet you.” Deputy Roemeling and the department just ask that you ask Deputy Roemeling first before approaching and petting Frank’ee. Frank’ee is a K-9 officer first and foremost when he is on duty and he shouldn’t be interrupted when working on a case.

The Nobles County Sheriff’s Department is grateful to everyone who contributed to their K-9 fund making the purchase of Frank’ee possible. He has some big paws to fill but it seems he has great mentors in Chase and Deputy Dustin Roemeling.

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