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Museum Coordinator position added

August 16, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
A large delegation from the Murray County Historical Society museum board, former directors and residents met with the Murray County Board of Commissioners to discuss the proposed museum coordinator position. On separate occasions two evaluators were consulted to do an assessment of the museum and the End-O-Line Park. One suggested a coordinator be hired to oversee both entities and the other said the present system was working. Strategic planning was held on November 2012, January 2013 and on July 29, 2013 and the county board presented a coordinator be hired to oversee both the park and the museum.

Chairman Gerald Magnus opened the discussion up to the public for comment. Char Larson, the first museum director, spoke about the cost of adding another employee to an otherwise good working staff (museum) and the money could be used in other ways. Caryll Busman, director for 10 years at the museum, said the artifacts belong to the Murray County Historical Society and a coordinator did not make any sense as the present staff works efficiently and did not need someone to micro-manage. Other discussion centered on the park, including the frequent changeover of directors, job descriptions of employees, maintenance of buildings and grounds, hours and days of opening and closing, etc.

On a roll call 3-2 vote the agreed to approve the job description of the museum coordinator and advertise for a coordinator.

The board approved repairs for County Ditch #66, Section 2, Leeds Township and tabled the petition for Judicial Ditch A, Section 20, Shetek Township until cost for repair is estimated.

A conference call was made between Murray County, Lyon County and Redwood County concerning the repair of County Ditch #20 A and Judicial Ditch 6. This is one project but two different systems. Appointments to a joint board were Robert Moline and James Jens - Murray County, Steve Ritter and Charley Sanow - Lyon County and Lon Walling - Redwood County. Moline was elected chairman and Ritter vice chairman. A resolution was passed to accept the petition and appoint Duane Hansel as engineer for the project.

Bids will be opened on September 5 at 10:15 a.m. for the improvement of County Ditch #82. The bid is to be awarded on September 10 at 9:15 a.m.

Jon Bloemendaal reported on his recent conference for ag inspectors. Changes to the noxious weed laws, the “Bee bill”, Asian Carp Study were among the topics for the speakers and tours.

A final payment was made for the overlays of county roads.

Joe Miranowski was introduced by Heidi Winter as the new building maintenance person.

Anita Gaul gave the good news the tax records stored at the End-O-Line Park were non-essential records and do not need to be preserved thus the heating of the building during the winter may not be necessary.

The board approved a document to be filled out by persons wishing to loan artifacts to the museum. The county is not responsible in case of lost, stolen, or damaged articles nor are they insured by the county.

The board signed a resolution authorizing the county to borrow money from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for upgrading septic systems. The money will be loaned at three percent on the approval of the board for upgrading septic systems.

The Shetek Sportsman club was approved for a raffle on November 2 at the Currie Legion club.

Sheriff Telkamp requested advertising for a part time deputy - 20 hours per week.

Randy’s Floor Coverings submitted the low quote for the flooring at Sunrise Terrace.

A ditch viewers meeting is scheduled for September 9 at Willmar. Board members will attend if possible.

Commissioner Jens updated the board on the Deer Path Road project. If 50 percent of the residents approved in the survey the project will proceed.

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